Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whole Wheat Pepperoni & Sausage Stromboli

We found some fresh whole wheat pizza dough on sale at our local grocery store not too long ago and we bought a few packs. Instead of making a pizza or calzone (which we always make), we decided to try something a little different. We made a stromboli instead! It turned out to be pretty yummy, so here is the recipe for it.
You start off by sprinkling some corn meal on a lightly greased baking sheet.
Then, press out the pizza dough evenly into a rectangular shape. Sprinkle on some garlic salt and Italian herbs.
Place a generous amount of shredded cheese (I used mozzarella) right down the middle of the dough.
Next, place some crumbled Italian Hot Sausage on top of the cheese. You can pretty much use any type of sausage that you like.
The next thing to go on are the caramelized onions. You can use fresh onions if you like but I find caramelized onions to be way tastier.
Then, arrange some pepperoni slices on top of the onions. The pile might look as though its getting really high, but don't worry about it. We need to pile it on high because it will all reduce when it's in the oven.
Lastly, sprinkle on more shredded cheese and some fresh basil leaves. Remember to tear the basil leaves into smaller pieces, it will just release the most amazing flavor when baking.
Brush on some eggwash all around the sides of the pizza dough and then you can roll it all up. After rolling, tuck the sides of the dough in well, so that the filling doesn't spill out when baking.
Make little cuts at the top of the stromboli to allow the steam to escape when baking.
Brush on more eggwash on the top (this is to help give it color - it will turn a nice golden brown when it's done) and it's ready to go into the oven.
Pop it into a 375F oven for about half an hour.
There you go! It's done! A nice looking yummy golden brown stromboli. Just allow it to cool down for a little, then you can either cut it into half or slice it into slices before serving. I sliced our stromboli and served it with a large side salad. Yuumyy yummy yum yum!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Delight - West Paterson, NJ

We were running around all over NJ on Saturday, trying to get stuff organized before we leave for Malaysia in less than two weeks time. Our last stop was Party City in West Paterson to get some party decorations for my Dad's 60th. By then, it was already almost 3PM. So, we decided to look around for some food to buy back home for lunch/dinner.We saw this fried chicken place a few doors down and decided to go check it out. For those of you who don't know, we are big fried chicken fans! We would go around testing out fried chicken at various places, in the effort to find the best fried chicken in NJ. Soooo, Chicken Delight..hmmm. Maybe they might have some good fried chicken :D
When we walked in, it was empty. However, they did have quite a lot of delivery and take out orders coming in by phone. It wasn't exactly the cleanest food joint that I have been too (should have taken that as a sign...), but then again, we are firm believers that sometimes those are the kind of places that you can find the best tasting food.
We checked out their specials board and ordered the "Dinner For Two" special ($14.98) and 10 pieces of Buffalo Wings ($4.49). The "Dinner For Two" consist of 8 pieces of fried chicken, 1 small mash potato, 1 small salad (we get a choice between macaroni or potato salad) and 4 dinner rolls. We had to wait for quite a long time before we got our food. I guess we were waiting there for about 25 minutes or so.
Here are the Buffalo Wings. You can't really tell from the photo, but they were realllllllllllly tiny!! I have never seen such tiny wings before in my life. Seriously, they look more like pigeon wings instead of chicken wings! Because of it's size, it wasn't juicy at all. The meat was kinda hard, maybe she overcooked it. The wings wasn't really good at all. Quite disappointing.
Here are the sides for the "Dinner For Two" special. We chose the Macaroni Salad, Mash Potatoes and 4 dinner rolls. The Mash Potatoes were lumpy and had this weird powdery after taste. Kevin said that most probably it's made from a powder mix and she didn't mix it all that well. Also, it could be sitting there for too long, hence the weird consistency and taste. I just had one mouthful and didn't eat anymore. In fact, the whole tub is still sitting in my refrigerator now (I must remember to throw it out later). The Mash Potatoes totally sucks but was the Macaroni Salad any better? Well, I would tell you if I knew. Guess what? I took one mouthful of the Macaroni Salad and it was already bad! As in it had already turned sour!! Man, just pure disgusting. I guess it must have been sitting in that place for a long time or she didn't store it well. We had to throw away the whole tub. Thinking of the Mash Potatoes and Macaroni Salad now makes me want to throw up a little. Yes, it was that bad.

Alright, so now we know that the wings and sides were really bad. What about the main event? The fried chicken? Well, truthfully, the fried chicken wasn't bad. However, it wasn't great either. It can go both ways. On one hand, the batter was pretty good but on the other hand, it was way too greasy and I have definitely tasted better fried chicken before. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend the place. Chicken Delight? Hmm, I would say that our lunch/dinner wasn't really all that 'delightful'. I think we won't be returning to that place ever again.

Chicken Delight - West Paterson, NJ
Rt 46 @ McBride Avenue,
West Paterson, NJ
Tel: (973) 256 8863

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuna Is Good For You!

*This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

I was looking at my blog traffic stats a while ago and realized that most of the readers of this blog are women, between the ages of 25-40. Most of my readers are also either newlyweds, new mom or have families with small children. Therefore, I believe that this topic of discussion would be of interest to most of my readers (or at least is good information to know).

I am not pregnant or have small children but I know many of you are. How many times have you wondered what is good for you and your baby when you are pregnant? What is safe to eat and what is not? There are just so many people giving so many different advice, it can be confusing at times. Let talk about eating seafood during pregnancy. Is that actually all that bad? I know quite a few pregnant women who simply stop eating seafood entirely for the whole nine months. A scientific study was just released in which the findings show that women who skip seafood during pregnancy could be putting themselves in danger for depression! Yes, it's true that pregnant women should stay away from fish high in mercury (shark, mackerel, swordfish, tilefish), but it is actually smart to eat seafood during pregnancy. Tuna to be exact, is actually very good for you. Eating an average of just 2 ounces of healthy tuna per day while pregnant, can actually increase developmental scores in infants and young children. Not only that, The FDA has actually recommends that women of childbearing age and pregnant women can safely eat up to 12 ounces of per week!

You do not need to be pregnant or what small children to benefit from the goodness of tuna. Kevin and I love tuna and we eat it quite often. Apart from making tuna salad sandwiches, we would also make tuna quiche, various types of tuna pasta, tuna puff...we even use it to stir fry Chinese noodles with it! However, our favorite tuna dish of all time is the Tuna Casserole. Not only is it really easy to make, it's super yummy too. Here is the recipe for it. Enjoy!

4 oz pasta (any type of pasta that you like)
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/3 cup milk
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 can peas
1 can tuna drained and flaked
1 cup shredded cheese
some breadcrumbs

Cook pasta according to package and drain.

Mix soup, milk and mayonnaise. Add in tuna and peas.

Gently fold in cooked pasta to the mix.

Place all of it into a casserole dish that has been sprayed lightly with cooking oil.

Sprinkle on cheese followed by the breadcrumbs.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

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Where you taking her this Vday?

When you talk about Valentine's Day, you think about giving roses, chocolate and candy to the ones you love. A lot of people would also take their dates out for a meal. Usually, the more popular picks would be nice, quiet restaurants, most probably with low lighting, soft music and a romantic ambiance. Some would op for something with a great view, like maybe one of those swanky riverside restaurant by the Hudson or maybe some rooftop restaurant in the city. Those with a little bit more moolah to throw around might choose to take their dates to one of the many upscale restaurants, some with pre fixe menu's starting at $200 per person! What I am trying to say is, there are lots of places to choose from, for that Valentine's Day date. Would you take your date here? (scroll down)













Hahahaha! Yup, Kevin and I were driving down Broadway in Newark yesterday and we saw this! You know you are in a swanky neighborhood when you see signs like that...hahahah! Come on, we know the economy is bad but Vday in White Castle??? How bad can the economy be before White Castle starts promoting Valentine's Day specials? What's more, you need to make reservations? :P Why? They expecting a large crowd of people on Vday? That's just plain hilarious! I can just imagine, White Castle, packed with so many people on Vday dates, til there is no more room and you need to wait for a table? So to all you guys who wants to take your baby to White Castle for that Vday date (I'm not sure if there will be a 2nd date though), you better make your reservations NOW! Hahaa! Who knows, it might be packed and you will have no choice but walk to across the street to McDonalds! Hmmm, I wonder if they will serve heart shaped sliders? :P

CSN Stores is now on Facebook!

* This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CSNStores. All opinions are 100% mine.

Can you remember how it was like, back in the day before the Internet and online shopping? I sure can. It was such a hassle. Remember when we wanted to look for one particular item and we had to drive all over the place, just to search for it? We would spend hours, sometimes even days searching for it. Drive to a store, park, go in and walk around, if you are unable to find it, return to the car, drive to another shop and repeat the whole process again! These days, we all have it easy. Just sit in front of our computers and everything is at our fingers tips.

I am personally a big fan of online shopping. One of my favorite online store is I just love how it's basically a one stop shop for all your home goods needs. I believe they started in 2002 and they now carry over 1 million items, across 200+ e-boutiques and have become the 3rd largest online retailer of home goods in the country. Not only that, most of their products are high quality products and very affordable too.

In this day and age when online shopping is so easy, CSN Stores has now made it even easier! Guess what? They are now on Facebook! That's right. Now, you can be the first to hear and get the latest on all new exclusive CSN Stores news, giveaways, deals and promotions. All you need to do is become a fan. Also, you can discuss about various products with other CSN Store fans as well as get daily updates on the "Home Decor Deal of the Day". Not only that, you can get information and a heads up on all of CSN Stores upcoming events. For all you Twitter fans, there is also a section where you can get all of their Twitter updates. You should go check out their Facebook page and become a fan. I just did!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Takoyaki in NYC!!!

After our yummy lunch at Grand Sichuan, I wanted to go check out this Takoyaki shop I have heard so much about. It's called Otafuku and it's supposed to serve really authentic and yummy tasting takoyaki. Many people, including some very well know foodies and food writers have been raving about this place for the longest time. I have always wanted to try it and since we are here in the East Village, I figured today would be the day! :D

Otafuku is just a couple of streets over from Grand Sichuan. When we arrived, we saw quite a number of people just hanging around outside and two people sitting on the bench, eating. I know from the reviews that it's a small shop but I never thought that it was this small! It's just probably half a shop (or even smaller).

When I went in (Kevin stood outside, it was just too packed), I noticed that there was just enough standing room for about four customers, maybe 5 if everybody is packed in and really skinny :P They would take your order and hand you a receipt. Then you will have to go hangout outside til your order is done. Then, they will call out your number and you can go back in to collect your food. The menu is pretty basic. There is Takoyaki (plain - $3, cheese - $4, octopus - $5), Okonomiyaki (choice of pork, beef, shrimp, squid or corn - $8) and Yakisoba ($7). Oh, apart from that, I think you can order some Edamame and Taiyaki (eventhough I didn't see any at the grill) too. If you are not sure of what you want, you can check out their combos. Combo A ($7) gets you 1/2 a Yakisoba and 1 pc Okonomiyaki, Combo B ($9) gets you 6 pcs Takoyaki and 1 pc Okonomiyaki, Combo C ($9) is 6 pcs Takoyaki and 1/2 Yakisoba and Combo D ($6) gets you 6 pcs Takoyaki and Edamame.

So, is the Takoyaki as yummy as everybody says it is? Helllllll yeah! It's soooooooo good, I can eat it everyday! Not only was it yummy, they were also very generous with the sauce and bonito flakes. I had so much bonito flakes that it was flying off in the wind when I came out of the shop :P I can't wait to go back to try their Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki....I bet they are yummy too! So, the next time you are in the East Village, you HAVE to go check out Otafuku. It's really really really good.

Otafuku - East Village
236 East 9th St (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 353 8503

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grand Sichuan - St Mark's Place

We were in the city last weekend to shop for some stuff, to prepare for our trip back to Malaysia for CNY. Yes, we were in Chinatown but we refrained (with much difficulty) from eating there and decided to try eating in a new neighborhood this time around. We actually headed over to Little Italy, to try out Lombardi's. They are supposed to be the best pizza place in the whole of Manhattan. However, upon reaching, we saw such a huge crowd standing outside, waiting for their tables. There were so many people we couldn't even get in to put our names on the waiting list. I then suggested that we take the train to the East Village and check out St Mark's Place. The whole street is well known for all the tiny Japanese restaurants that line that street.

There were so many Japanese restaurants to choose from, we don't even know where to begin. At last I saw Grand Sichuan. Yes, I know it's not a Japanese restaurant :P However, I have been reading some very good reviews about that place, so we decided to give it a try. It's located just above Red Mango, on the second floor. I guess if you don't look hard enough, you might miss it.

There are quite a few Grand Sichuans located all over the city and also one in Jersey City, NJ. I believe the original Grand Sichuan was opened in 1996 in Chinatown (has since closed down). There are currently four Grand Sichuan branches - on 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Jersey City and of course, this branch, on St Mark's Pl.
The interior of the restaurant wasn't that big but it had a nice clean decor. It's split into two levels and we sat on the higher level. I just love the big glass windows. We can just look out at all the interesting people (and trust me, there are A LOT of 'interesting' people in the East Village) walk by, going about doing their own thing.
The menu was pretty large, featuring mostly Sichuan cooking (like doh! Of course Sichuan cooking :P). We decided to share a noodle dish and a rice dish. I know many of you will comment on my choice of noodle dish. No, I didn't order the typical Sichuan style Dan Dan Noodles or Cold Noodles but went with an order of Singapore Mai Fun ($7.95)! Hey, sue me, I was in the mood for some of that :P The portion was really big, more than enough to feed two people. It tasted pretty good. However, it was just a little bit tad spicy for me. Well, I guess it's a Sichuan restaurant, things tend to be spicy?
We also ordered a serving of Sauteed Baby Lamb with Peppers ($12.95). It was served with a serving of white rice. Now, this is good!!! The lamb was so tender, with just the right amount of peppers, garlic slices and some cilantro. Again, it was spiccccyyyy. However, it was a good kind of spicy. The kind that makes you want to continue eating more and more, even though you are sweating and suffering from the spiciness. I would definitely recommend this.

At the end of the meal, we were given some complimentary slices of navel oranges, a fortune cookie and wet towel each. Overall, it was a pretty good lunch. A tad bit more expensive than the typical Chinese restaurant you can find in Chinatown, but the taste and quality of the food makes up for it. If you are a fan of Sichuan cooking, this is the place for you.

Grand Sichuan - St Marks Place
23 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 529 4800

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension

* This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Coldwell Banker. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kevin and I are renting the apartment that we are currently living in. We have been renting since we moved out of our parents house, up til now. I cannot recall the number of times we have discussed about getting our own property. How nice it will be to actually own our own apartment or house. We have been looking around (not actively though) at some properties around this region. With the current economy, everybody says it's a buyers market. That, along with the extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit, maybe now is a good time to get our own place. First time homebuyers (like ourselves) or those who have not owned homes in the last three years found themselves with an instant $8,000 tax credit savings last Fall. It was due to end in November of 2009, but it was extended and is now available as 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits.

So, how does this work? Well, basically, like I said earlier, first-time homebuyers, or those who have not owned in the last three years, can receive up to a $8,000 tax credit. Also, homeowners who have lived in a current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years can receive up to a $6,500 tax credit when purchasing a home. Sounds good? Yeah it is! However, you better act fast. There may be no future extensions, so all qualified homebuyers are urged to act and have a written, binding contract by April 30, 2010 (close by June 30, 2010). Also, qualifying income limits are now $125,000 for singles and $225,000 for married couples, with a $20,000 phase-out of the credit for both. For more information, check out this video about the 2010 Homebuyer Tax credits from the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Learn Center website.

This is indeed a good plan for first time home buyers. We all know that first-time tax credit was working, but what housing and our national economy needed was incentive for the move-up buyer. According to The 2009 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the number of first-time home buyers rose to 47 percent of all home sales from 41 percent of transactions in last years study, and was the highest on record dating back to 1981. The previous high was 44 percent in 1991! Something tells me I like this plan...sounds like a good plan indeed.

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Domino's New Pizza Recipe

When it comes to delivery pizza, Papa Johns has always been our favorite. However, for the past year or so, Dominos has been coming out with many new menu items (example: Bread Bowl Pasta, Oven Toasted Sandwiches) that we would more than often end up ordering from Dominos instead. Because of the other items on the menu that we like, we would just 'tolerate' the not so nice tasting pizza. When we saw the ad on TV about Dominos giving their pizzas a total makeover, we were really excited to try it out.
We ordered a large hand tossed pie, with bacon on one side and sausage on the other. At first glance, the pie looks pretty much the same as always. However, upon closer inspection, it looks a tad more greasy compared to their old recipe. From the Dominos website, I learnt that they made three big significant change to their original recipe.
The crust it a totally new crust. It's supposed to be garlic - seasoned, with a buttery taste. The thing that I dislike most of Dominos pizza is their crust. So, is the crust better now? I would have to say yes. You can't really taste the garlic but the texture is more doughy and chewy. Reminds me somewhat of their breadsticks. The new Dominos crust now taste more like Papa Johns crust, so yes, it was definitely a good change.

Another thing they changed was their sauce recipe. The new sauce is supposed to be sweeter, infused with herbs and has a spicy red pepper kick. If it's really sweeter, then it's great! It would then taste more like Papa Johns sauce, which iLike! However, when I tried it, the sauce wasn't all that great. Yes, you can taste that it's different that the old sauce but it's not better. I feel that it had a weird after taste, maybe due to the herbs? Also, I didn't taste any spiciness at all from the red pepper. The third and final change is that their choose is now 100% real mozzarella, with a hint of provolone. Truthfully, it taste just the same to me. Cheese is cheese, no difference there. So, what do I think of the so called 'new & improved' Dominos pizza? I feel that the crust is definitely better but the sauce is a step down. Overall, Dominos is still one step below Papa Johns in terms of taste but they are always value for money (cheaper than Papa Johns). I guess we will continue to order from Dominos when we are low on cash or when we are in the mood for some toasted sandwiches or bread bowl and want to add on a pizza pie!

Blast Off! by Allison Maslan

* This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Allison Maslan, author of "Blast Off!". All opinions are 100% mine.

It's the new year and you have made all of your new year resolutions. You said that this year, yes, this is the year you will eat healthier, exercise more and live greener. Maybe this is the year you want to make that big career move. Hey, maybe your resolution this year is to go back to school. There is always that something that we all say that we will do every new year but we never got around to doing it. Somehow, our lives are stuck in a rut. Same thing, day in, day out. It's not that we are lazy or don't want to do it, it's just that sometimes we need a little push. That one little push that changes our lives forever. Guess what? I know where you can get that one little push. You need to check out the book Blast Off! by Allison Maslan!

Not only is she a highly acclaimed author, but Allison Maslan is also the Originator, Master Personal Coach and President of the Blast Off!. With twenty five years of experience as an entrepreneur, she has a host of successful businesses, is a successful real estate investor and has coached many others to do so. With her book Blast Off!, you can now experience working one on one with this life and business strategy guru to create a fulfilling, exciting and prosperous life. That's right, now is the time to get out of that rut that you are stuck in. Stop feeling unmotivated and confused. With Allison Maslan and her book Blast Off!, you can take your life and career into a whole new level. I am so excited to start reading this book. I need that little push to jump start my new year and I know that this book will help me do that. It will get me motivated to live better and healthier.

Blast Off! is hot off the press. It was just launched on January 19th, 2010 and is available on Amazon, Borders as well as Barnes and Noble websites. It will also be available in all major bookstores. The book is selling for a mere $24 (a low price to pay for such an awesome book) and you can even get it less on Go ahead, check the book out and a grab yourself copy before they are all sold out!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Office - Beer Bar & Grill

We have heard a lot about how there are all kinds of nice restaurants and cafes in Montclair, NJ but we have never really ventured out that way before. It's just about 15-20 minutes away from us (still in Essex County), so we decided to go check Montclair out two weekends ago. We drove down Bloomfield Avenue and boy, the whole street is lined with restaurants. Fancy upscale restaurants, ethnic restaurants, casual dining name it, it's there. It reminds me somewhat of a quieter Hoboken.
After driving around for ages to look for a parking spot (another thing similar to Hoboken, parking is hard to come by!!), we found a spot near The Office - Beer Bar & Grill. It's pretty much a casual dining sports bar, and since the Jets game was on and they had like LCD TVs everywhere, we decided to go check it out.
There was a huge bar area at the front, where you can just eat finger food, have a drink or two and watch the game. Since we were there for dinner, we were lead to the dining area at the back, where there were booths and dining tables (of course there was a huge LCD TV back there too). Their menu was just your regular pub food menu but their beer menu was pretty impressive. Check it out here. We'll have to return another time to try out their Beer Sampler :P
After taking our drinks and appetizer order, our server returned with a complimentary vegetable bowl. That's a nice refreshing change. Usually, most pubs/restaurants would bring out unhealthy fried stuff for you to munch on while waiting for your food. A fresh bowl of vegetables on ice with Ranch dressing is indeed a pleasant change.
For our appetizer, we shared their "New" Office Wings ($8.99). One dozen jumbo wings with celery and their yummy signature dipping sauce. You can choose to have it served in their popular Office Buffalo, Fireball, Southwest Sweet Heat, Ginger Teriyaki or Spicy Blue Cheese sauce. We chose their most popular sauce, the Office Buffalo. Boy, they were yummy! A little spicy, but yummy! The wings were also really huge, it's quite hard to find such huge wings in this parts. Two thumbs up! :D
Kevin ordered one of their chef's recommendation, the Arrogant Bastard Ale BBQ Ribs ($15.99 for a full rack, $11.49 for half a rack). It comes with a side of fries, coleslaw and some special sauce. I tried one rib and mm mmm's really good. Cooked to perfection, with the meat was so tender, it was just falling off the bone. The portion was pretty big too. Kevin ordered half a rack and he couldn't even finish it.

I also tried another one of their chef's recommendation - Fish & Chips ($11.99) . After all, this is a pub and what better pub food to try than Fish & Chips. It comes with fries (I changed it to sweet potato fries...yummy!), coleslaw and some special tartar sauce. I am quite particular when it comes to seafood and I must say, this Fish & Chips totally rocks! It had just the correct amount of batter and it wasn't oily or soggy. It was crunchy on the outside and moist in the inside. Very very nice :D Overall, we had a great dinner. The food was good and the servers were nice too. Will definitely return to try their beer sampler in the near future!

The Office - Beer Bar & Grill
619 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
Tel: (973) 783 2929

Friday, January 15, 2010

Monograms - Travel Planning & Details Made Simple

* This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Monograms. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm sure it's no secret to all of you that Kevin and I love travelling. We've pretty much travelled all over America and Asia in the past decade or so but there is one place we would really really like to visit. Europe! There are just so many things to do and so many places to go, we don't even know where to start. I was just looking the Internet for cheap flight tickets and tours when I came across Monograms (


It's a really simple website that is packed with a whole lot of deals, offers and information for that perfect vacation. At Monograms, you can save time and energy while planning and booking your vacation. They handle all the details and logistical hassles, so you, the traveler, can just concentrate on having fun during your vacation. This is the the perfect way for travelers to visit a destination for the first time! Now is a great time to travel, with savings up to 20% less than 2009. Also, right now, travelers can fly to Europe for as little as $487 on a Monograms vacation and to view special travel offers! How cool is that?

So, how does this website work anyway? It's really simple. There is a simple search box to build and personalize your vacation. You just need to choose which region and city you would like to visit (you can even add in multiple cities!), where you are leaving from, when you want to go , how many travellers in your party and how many rooms you would need. Just hit search and let them do the work for you. It's as easy as that. I chose London, Paris and Amsterdam and they came out with an amazing 11 day travel itinerary for me. They also includes maps as well as all the places I should go and visit. It's totally amazing! So, if you are looking for a vacation, minus the hassle, head over to Monograms - the simple solution to planning and enjoying a vacation. You can check out their website here:

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheese Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Bacon

Here is another simple but super yummy recipe. Cheese Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Bacon....mmm mmm mmmm. I can feel my arteries clogging up just by reading that :P Yes, I know. It can be a little unhealthy, with all the bacon and cheese :P Oh well, little indulgence once in a while is alright. It's not that you are gonna be eating this for dinner everyday. If I had a choice, I would though, it's just so gooooood! Anywayssss, here's how you make it.
Start off by pounding some chicken breast into really thin pieces. Try to make it to be as thin as possible.
Then, place a piece of mozzarella string cheese in the middle of the chicken breast. You can cut the string cheese into half if it's too long.
Roll up your chicken, making sure that the piece of cheese is nicely wrapped up.
Next, roll a strip of bacon around the chicken. Remember to overlap the bacon when you roll it up, cause it will shrink when it's cooked.
Then, place the chicken rolls on to a lightly greased baking dish.
Pop it in a 350F for about 45 minutes and it's done! See how the cheese just oozes out from the side? Soo good! :D I served it up with some flavored rice and a side salad with garlic cheese croutons, drizzled with some honey mustard dressing. Yummy stuff!