Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Takoyaki in NYC!!!

After our yummy lunch at Grand Sichuan, I wanted to go check out this Takoyaki shop I have heard so much about. It's called Otafuku and it's supposed to serve really authentic and yummy tasting takoyaki. Many people, including some very well know foodies and food writers have been raving about this place for the longest time. I have always wanted to try it and since we are here in the East Village, I figured today would be the day! :D

Otafuku is just a couple of streets over from Grand Sichuan. When we arrived, we saw quite a number of people just hanging around outside and two people sitting on the bench, eating. I know from the reviews that it's a small shop but I never thought that it was this small! It's just probably half a shop (or even smaller).

When I went in (Kevin stood outside, it was just too packed), I noticed that there was just enough standing room for about four customers, maybe 5 if everybody is packed in and really skinny :P They would take your order and hand you a receipt. Then you will have to go hangout outside til your order is done. Then, they will call out your number and you can go back in to collect your food. The menu is pretty basic. There is Takoyaki (plain - $3, cheese - $4, octopus - $5), Okonomiyaki (choice of pork, beef, shrimp, squid or corn - $8) and Yakisoba ($7). Oh, apart from that, I think you can order some Edamame and Taiyaki (eventhough I didn't see any at the grill) too. If you are not sure of what you want, you can check out their combos. Combo A ($7) gets you 1/2 a Yakisoba and 1 pc Okonomiyaki, Combo B ($9) gets you 6 pcs Takoyaki and 1 pc Okonomiyaki, Combo C ($9) is 6 pcs Takoyaki and 1/2 Yakisoba and Combo D ($6) gets you 6 pcs Takoyaki and Edamame.

So, is the Takoyaki as yummy as everybody says it is? Helllllll yeah! It's soooooooo good, I can eat it everyday! Not only was it yummy, they were also very generous with the sauce and bonito flakes. I had so much bonito flakes that it was flying off in the wind when I came out of the shop :P I can't wait to go back to try their Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki....I bet they are yummy too! So, the next time you are in the East Village, you HAVE to go check out Otafuku. It's really really really good.

Otafuku - East Village
236 East 9th St (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 353 8503


J.H said...

goshh... just look at it makes my mouth water. Terrible guilt I felt when I visit your blog :-))) bring it on!

Simply June said...

ahhh this is the place! i saw it on foodnetwork and wanted to go ever since!But i forgot the name of the place! thanks for sharing this!!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Jess: Yeah it is indeed yummmy! Hahaha!

June: Yup yup, you must go check it out one of these days. There is also supposed to be an awesome Yakitori place nearby. I havn't been yet, I should go check it out and post it up here when I get a chance.