Monday, February 16, 2009

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

Since it's a public holiday today, we slept in and basically lazed around apartment watching TV until it was time for lunch. Feeling a little bit lazy, we contemplated if we should order in chinese take out or go pick up some fast food. I was in the mood for some fried chicken, so we drove out to get some. Which fast food outlet makes the best fried chicken? A&W as well as McDonalds ( in Malaysia, fried chicken is not available in McDs here in US) makes pretty decent fried chicken, KFC is even better....but Popeyes makes the best fried chicken ever!! So, we headed to our neighborhood Popeyes.

It's usually packed with people but today is a good day. There wasn't a long line and we got to place our orders almost immediately. Our usual order is a box of their 14 piece "Dark Meat Special", 4 pieces of biscuits and a small order of cajun rice (for me!). We love their 14 piece dark meat special. It's 14 pieces of thighs and drumsticks, all for only $12.49!!

The lady at the counter said that there will be a 12 minute wait, cos they just ran out of thighs and drumsticks and they just popped a new batch in the oven. We said no problem and that we would wait. The lady then gave us a soda cup and told us to have a drink on the house while waiting! Isn't that great? :D It's not some small children size cup that KFC 'sometimes' gives out to customers while they wait for their food but this is the regular large cup. Another reason why we love Popeyes!

We got our orders at last and headed back home. Boy oh boy! The whole car smelled of fried chicken and we couldn't wait to get back home. The anticipation of sinking my teeth into the crunchy on the outside and juicy in the inside chicken was killing me! :P

Wanna see what's inside the boxes? There you go...14 pieces of the best southern fried chicken ever! It's marinated with some Louisiana cajun seasoning, really crispy and crunchy on the outside but the flesh is moist and juicy. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. Kevin just loves the biscuits from Popeyes. I don't blame him, it's really good. Flaky and yummy. Way better than KFC. I also like the Cajun rice. It has minced beef and a whole lot of cajun seasoning. Another thing that I love but didn't get from Popeyes today is the Loaded Chicken Wrap. It's actually chicken tenders (with the same cajun seasoning as the fried chicken), cajun rice and beans wrapped in a cheddar tortilla. For a little over a dollar, it's really gooooooood.

The Popeyes that we always go to is in Harrison, NJ but I believe there are Popeyes everywhere. If you still haven't tried the fried chicken from Popeyes, please do yourself a favor and go get some. Trust me, once you have tried Popeyes...the other fast food fried chickens just won't do :P


tze chun said...

Guess wat, adeline and i love popeye fried chicken and in deed, it is way much better than KFC

Charlene n Kevin said...

Cool! Oh my dad told me that Popeyes just opened in KL not too long Taman Tun. They open in Penang also already? :D

tze chun said...

Really? but too bad not in penang yet. Hopefully it will be as good as the one in US. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the internet for reasons like this. I was just searching for the phone number of the China King up here on Frank E Rodg, and i came across this. Popeyes is also my favourite. I've always preferred it to KFC. Occasionaly i stop by there, they have the best cajun fries in the fast food sense, out side of checkers. Nice to see people from harrison online. Have a good one. <3

preeti said...

now i understood why Indian people like USA. In Indian no discounts are avail at any restaurants. popeyes chicken menu tastes nice.