Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frutezia by Wild Vines

After getting our groceries at the supermarket yesterday, we popped over to the liquor store next door to browse around. That particular liquor store carries a very wide range of different wines from various regions in America as well other countries. They also carry all types of beers and mixers. We were looking for something sweet and fruity, maybe a Muscat or Riesling. We were in the Californian wine aisle and saw this.

The Frutezia range by Wild Vines. It's actually a semi sparkling white wine with fruit blends from Modesto, California. There are four different blends but we decided to try out two out of the four. We got the Sunshine Blend and Tropical Blend. The other two are the Orchard Blend (green apples) and the Passion Blend (Strawberry and Kiwi). It's only $4.99 for a 750ml bottle and $7.99 for a 1.5l bottle. Wild Vines also have another range of fruit wines. They are the Strawberry White Zinfandel, Blackberry Merlot and Raspberry Zinfandel. You can drink it as it is or you can mix it with other ingredients to make a fabulous punch.

We opened the Tropical Blend Frutezia last night. It has a blend of mango and pineapple. The moment we opened the bottle, the smell of mango and pineapple just filled the air. The wine doesn't stay bubbly for very long. In fact, it was less than a minute or two before it went flat. However, the wine was very very sweet. It somewhat reminded me of a pina colada, minus the coconut. I find it to be just alright but for $4.99, there are no complains.

We opened up the Sunshine Blend Frutezia tonight. Same as last night, the bubbles didn't last for long. However, I just love the taste of the peach and orange blend! It's way better than the Tropical blend. It's also very sweet and easy drinking.

I feel that the Frutezia range is generally an easy drinking wine for the ladies. Kevin doesn't really like it at all. I don't blame him :P I love the Sunshine Blend Frutezia. It's pretty much a refreshing summer time/ pool party kind of drink. It has a 6% alcohol content, way lower than regular wines. However, one must be careful. It's so sweet and easy drinking, you might have the tendency to gulp it down like you are drinking some non alcoholic fruit juice. It also has a twist cap, so it works well if you want to take it to a picnic or the beach. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for something sweet and refreshing. For those ladies who just dislike that tannic aftertaste in certain types of wine, this one is for you. Cheap, easy drinking and not too high in alcohol content. Always a good mix :D


Twilight Zone said...

This is pretty interesting and I have yet to see them on Malaysian shelves. I also have sweet tooth for fruity wines.

plusmy said...

I am curious, those fruity wine, the fragrant does it the fruit itself or fragrant added?

I home made my dragon fruit wine too. It got kind of aroma.

your post make me want to try other home-made tropical fruits wine such mango, banana, pineapple, papaya etc.

MiChi said...

Wow homemade wines? I would love to try it! The bottle looks a bit like those sold at Starbucks but they are not wine over here, just fruit juices.

Charlene n Kevin said...

Twilight: This is something like Arbor Mist, only better...hehhe. I think you can get Arbor Mist wines in most wine shops in Malaysia.

plusmy: Wines like this, especially mass produce wines, have artificial fragrances. You are into home made wines? My husband used to do that too. Where do you get your supplies from? How did the dragon fruit wine turn out? He made some ice tea and dandelion flower wine before. Not too bad!

MiChi: Home made wines are fun to make! Not the best tasting but it's really fun to make :D