Monday, November 15, 2010

Boston Market - North Arlington, NJ

It was one of those nights where we felt like eating a nice home cooked meal but didn't really feel like cooking. Sure, there are many nice restaurants out there that serves really good home style cooking but we wanted something quick and affordable :P So, it was off to Boston Market we go.
We have always love the food from Boston Market. We can choose whatever main we want and pick our favorite sides. It feels like Thanksgiving (minus all the hours in the kitchen) everyday! :D When we arrived, we saw a huge poster on the window advertising their 25th Anniversary Specials. Prices start at only $4.99! For $4.99, you get a 1/4 dark meat rotisserie chicken, cornbread and your choice of two sides. I remember them offering three pieces of dark meat chicken for $4.99 earlier this year but 1/4 a chicken is fine too, I guess.
We both decided to go for that special. Kevin ordered the 1/4 dark meat rotisserie chicken with stuffing and mashed potatoes ($4.99). As usual, the mashed potatoes, stuffing and chicken tasted great! However, we were quite surprised at the size of the 1/4 chicken. Look at's tiny!!! Let me note that the plate is just a regular size plate (not some over sized platter), so yeah, the chicken was really really tiny.
I also had the $4.99 special. For my sides, I chose the Creamed Spinach and Mediterranean Green Beans. I found the spinach to be a tad bit too salty but totally loved the green beans. Yummy green beans tossed in garlic butter with roasted red peppers, dill and crunchy almonds. Mmmm mmmm mmmm really yummy. The cornbread was also very very good. Again, the downside was the size of the chicken. I still cannot get over the size of the chicken. Sooo tiny. I guess we would need to order the 3 pieces dark meat chicken the next time around.
We added on two Iced Tea ($1.89 each) to go along with our meal. Overall, it was a good meal. However, the size of the chicken made it little disappointing. Also, I wonder why they changed the promotion from getting 3 pieces of dark meat chicken to only a 1/4 chicken for $4.99. That kinda suxs :( Oh well, with that said, we still love Boston Market. Where else can you get home style cooking (with so many different side choices) for such an affordable price? :D

Boston Market - North Arlington, NJ
491 Ridge Road
North Arlington, NJ 07031
Tel: (201)997 1006

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