Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crown Fried Chicken

We loveeee fried chicken. I'm sure most of our readers would know that by now :P Anyway, we are constantly looking out for new fried chicken places to check out. Crown Fried Chicken has been around for the longest time but we just noticed there is a Crown branch in Belleville (the neighborhood next to ours). Most of the Crown Fried Chicken joints that are relatively near to us are pretty shady looking. We would make comments everytime we drive by that the fried chicken should be super yummy but we would never stop to try. Let me remind you, certain neighborhoods are really really shady. We would not even dare park or slow down in some of those neighborhoods, let alone get out of the car!! Belleville is a nice and safe neighborhood, so we were really happy to see a Crown Fried Chicken there.

It's located at the corner of Franklin and 9th St. We were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the shop. The staff working there were also really friendly and helpful. I remember looking into a Crown Fried Chicken in another neighborhood while driving by one day and saw that there is a bullet proof glass thingy separating the customers from the workers. So scary. This branch is nothing like that at all! It feels like a nice neighborhood restaurant, good food and friendly staff. The menu was extensive! They had everything from fried chicken, sandwiches, ribs to seafood. There was also quite a big dessert selection too!

There are no tables or chairs (except a few for you to sit and wait for your order), so we brought our food back home. They used to deliver but they have discontinued that service a few months back. This is what we ordered.

We tried the BBQ Ribs Jumbo Box Combo ($7.95). It came with 5 pieces of BBQ Ribs, Mash Potatoes, Coleslaw and 2 Dinner Rolls. When we opened up the box, we were shocked to see the size of the ribs. They were HUGE!!! I have seen some huge ribs but this ribs were realllllly huge! They were at least 10 inches long! The meat was so tender, it just fell off from the bone. The BBQ sauce was yummy too. I didn't try the mash potatoes but Kevin said that it was really good. I tried the Slaw..again, really good! I don't know what they added into the Slaw, it tasted a little different from the usual ones. Whatever it was, it was goood.

Since it's a fried chicken joint, of course we must order the fried chicken. After all, that was the initial plan. To try the chicken. We ordered the 6 piece chicken ($5.75). The verdict? It was good. Better than the average fried chicken but not as great as Popeyes! I wouldn't say that it was a letdown but I would still rank it a notch below Popeyes. I guess after the super yummy ribs, anything would taste just alright :P Maybe they should just rename the shop to Crown BBQ Ribs!

We also ordered a side of Mozzerella Sticks ($3.00). Six pieces of fried mozzerella sticks and it came with a small tub of marinara sauce. They were pretty good too.

Overall, the food were all pretty good. Better than average. Too bad that they don't deliver anymore. We will definitely return for the ribs again :D

Crown Fried Chicken
64, Franklin Street,
Belleville, NJ 07109
Tel: (973) 759-8200

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