Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

When I was very much younger (during my primary and secondary school days), I used to love April Fools Day. My friends and I would plan elaborate tricks/jokes days before and wait eagerly for the day to come. These days, it's just another regular day for me. However, I did notice some pranks pulled by various bloggers and companies online. It ranged from downright stupid like what and had in their blogs to some pretty interesting ones. Here are my top three favs for this years April Fools Day jokes.
I found it to be quite funny that Youtube had changed their format for the day and everything was turned upside down. I can just imagine some poor uncle or aunty trying to figure out what's wrong with their computer when they log in to see their daily dose of silly clips of the day or something like that. They might think that the Conficker worm had attacked their computer!! Haha :P
I also liked how they offered flights to Mars for only $99 per day on Expedia. When you carry on with the booking, it will lead you to a page that tells you that it's been fully booked until next year :P However, you can get a coupon code for $25 off a two night hotel stay that is valid until April 5, 2009. Not too bad, eh? I think you can rent hotel rooms on the Moon on

My all time favorite prank this year is on Gmail. There is a big notice that they just launched a brand new CADIE technology that enables autopilot in your email box. It will scan every incoming mail and then send out a perfect reply. We can even customize the settings to the amount of emoticons and typos that we desire! It is so elaborate, they even have a Introducing CADIE page, Technical Specification page as well as CADIE's own blogspot homepage!!!

Ahh, so that wraps up my favorite online pranks for April Fools Day 2009. I hope everybody had a great day playing tricks on others and hopefully some of the tricks didn't go too far :P

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