Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Kevin's Birthday!

Since my gums are still a little bit swollen and somewhat painful (I am still not able to eat regular food), we didn't go out to celebrate Kevin's birthday today. I hope to get better by Saturday since the stitches come out on Thursday. We will most probably have a belated birthday celebration for Kevin this weekend.
I was a little bit bummed out that poor Kevin is not going to do anything special for his birthday this year. I found out online that there is actually a Cuban bakery not too far down the street from us. They are supposed to be the best in the whole of Newark. It's a family run bakery and it has handed down from generation to generation. So, I went down there to see if they had any birthday cakes. It's located in a somewhat shady part of town and there were just a lot of Hispanic guys (most of them are really tough looking but I have learnt that they can be nice people) loitering outside the bakery. The bakery was just filled with all kinds of pastries, breads and cakes. Most of the people working there only spoke Spanish and it took me a while to explain to them that I was looking for a birthday cake. I later found out there were only two choices, blue or pink. Errr blue I guess?? Hahaha.

Here is Kevin with his Hispanic birthday cake!

Soooo, did the cake taste as good as it's supposed to be? Was it worth it to go down to that part of town to get the cake? Helll yeeah! When I bought the cake, I thought that it was just regular yellow cake. I didn't know that it's actually filled with pineapple and strawberry! The cake was really moist and the filling had really big chunks of fruits in it. I don't know if you notice...but the cream from American birthday cakes are different from the Malaysian ones. The American ones are really heavy and can be pretty 'jelek' sometimes. This cake was different. It had really nice and light cream..very very yuummmmy! The cake might look funny but it sure tasted good!!

Anyway, Kevin loved his Cuban Birthday Cake and that's all that matters! I will update you guys about his belated birthday celebration next week!


Simply June said...

ooh look so yum!!! Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Thanks June - Kevin

Soon said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! How ya doing?

Charlene n Kevin said...

Thanks! Not too bad. You?

Soon said...

Doing ok. Have a good year ahead.