Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Relaxing Saturday At Home...

Third day after the surgery. Yes, I did wake up with a little bit more pain compared to yesterday but it wasn't excruciating pain. There was just a slight discomfort at the area where the teeth were extracted from. My jaw was a tiny bit tighter compared to the day before and Kevin said he thinks there is a slight swelling on the left side of my face. After taking my pain killers and rinsing with salt water, the discomfort and swelling went away. It came back on later in the day when I was 2 hours late in taking my pain pills but it went away almost instantly once I took my pain killers. I guess the pain killers are really keeping me happy and comfortable :D I hope the pain and swelling will not increase tomorrow, let's just keep on praying for a speedy recovery!!
I am so sick of eating all the bland and mushy food! Can't wait to go back to normal solid food. I have upgraded to something a tiny bit more yummy today. I had Chef Boyardee's Mini Os for dinner today...Yay! At least something different. I really cannot take another bowl of bland porridge or mash potatoes anymore :P Guess I will stick to canned pasta and stuff like that for a couple more days before deciding what's next.

Oh, before I forget...check out the skyline of the city during Earth Hour today. Almost everything was in darkness, except for some of the mandatory street and safety building lights. It was such a sight to behold, the entire city just 'disappearing' before our very eyes!

Pretty cool, eh?

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