Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been a while since I baked anything, so I decided to make some Chocolate Chip Cookies a few days ago. This is a real easy recipe, nothing fancy, just a basic Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that is easy to make and yummy to eat.

You would need some flour, granulated sugar, dark brown sugar, baking soda, eggs, salt, butter, vanilla extract and some semi sweet chocolate chips.

First, measure about 2 1/4 cups of all purpose flour into a bowl. Combine it with 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Add in 1/2 teaspoon of salt and mix all of the ingredients well. Set the mixture aside.

In a separate bowl, beat two eggs. Add in about 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and mix it with the eggs. Set that aside once you are done.

In a large mixing bowl, add in 2 sticks of butter (room temperature), 3/4 cups of granulated sugar and 3/4 cups of brown sugar.

With a mixer, cream the mixture until it's fluffy.

Add the eggs mixture into the large mixing bowl. Continue to mix it all up with the mixer.

Next, add in the flour mixture into the bowl. Continue to mix it all together until everything is incorporated.

Once that's done, add in 2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips. You can also add in walnuts, pecans...basically any type of nut that you like. Fold all of that in with a spatula.

Line your baking tray with parchment paper. Using an ice cream scoop and a tablespoon, drop the dough onto the baking tray. If you like smaller cookies, use two teaspoons and drop smaller dough balls on the baking tray instead.

Pop it in the 375F oven for about 12 minutes. Once it's done, remove the tray from the oven and allow the cookies to cool on a wire rack. Since I do not have a wire rack, I just allowed it to cool on my chopping board.

There you go! Freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. It's so easy to make and definitely yummy to eat!! :D

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aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Wow!!! Famous Amos Cookies ... oopps ... I mean "Famous Charlene© Choco Chips Cookies" ... copyright belongs to me laaa ... ahahahaha

Also the Assam Curry Fish looks mighty delicious ... Tean's Prawn Noodle paste is also very nice ... try it out ... almost as authentic as Penang Prawn Noodle ... well, almost ... ahahaha ... Kevin may not take the heat though ... Alicia Ku ordered a dozen of them when someone visited them in Canada ... hehehe