Friday, May 29, 2009

Indoor Herb Garden Update!

I think it was early April when Kevin and I decided to grow our own indoor herb garden. It's been almost two months now and the herbs are doing pretty well, some better than others. For those of you who forgot, we planted four small pots of Rosemary, Oregano, Basil and Parsley seeds. Here are some photos taken at various stages of the herbs growth. Like I said, some are growing better and faster than others but I am pretty certain the rest will catch up soon.

The slowest growing herb is the rosemary. We were kinda worried that it would not even grow. I think it took over 3 weeks before we could even see little seedlings sprouting out from the soil. It now looks healthy and seems to be growing alright (still a little bit slow) but I think it will be a while more before we can actually make rosemary lamb chops with that :P I wonder how long more we have to wait.

The oregano started off slow too. The seeds were so tiny, it was hard to even imagine it growing up to be a plant..haha! It started to sprout out tiny tiny seedlings at about week two and didn't really grow much. We had to water them with a spray bottle because the plants were so tiny and weak. About two weeks ago, the oregano just started to took off. I don't know what happened, but it grew and grew. I guess they were tired of being tiny and small :P The leaves are pretty big now but it's still not ready to be harvested. Just a little bit more :D

The parsley was pretty easy to grow. Tall and skinny seedlings sprouted out within the second week of planting. There were so many seedlings that it started to choke each other. Kevin had to actually pull out quite a number of seedlings in order for it to grow better. They grew tall but remained skinny. We had to prune them pretty often. In the recent days, the stems started to look stronger and it doesn't flop around anymore! Kevin started plucking some of the parsley a week or so ago to munch on every so often. He said he tasted good.

The easiest herb to grow among the four is the basil. Seedlings came out within the first week of planting. It just grew well and fast. Our basil plant is now fully matured and we have been harvesting it to cook with since last week. In fact, I used some of it when I made the Rotini with Ricotta and Bacon last week. I just love the smell of fresh basil, its great! I'm pretty happy with the progress of our indoor herb garden. It's just nice to have some fresh herbs growing in the kitchen. We were so encouraged with the progress of those 4 herbs until we went out to get some mint seeds to grow too! I just can't wait for the mint to grow. When it does, I will make myself a nice tall glass of Mojito to celebrate!!

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