Friday, August 5, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings - Watchung, NJ

How many of you have watched the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? Awww come on, admit it. I know you have :P For those of you who haven't (you really must go rent it!), it's basically about two guys who drove a long way, just to get some White Castle, because they were hungry for White Castle and nothing else could hit the spot. They were ready to do just about anything, in order to sink their teeth into those small juicy sliders. Kevin and I had one of those moments not too long ago. No, it wasn't for White Castle :P We were suddenly in the mood for some buffalo wings and we wanted some now! I am not talking about those crappy small wings that we can from around our neighborhood but big juicy wings. Real Buffalo wings!
Now, we are crazy but not THAT crazy. No, we didn't drive 8 hrs to Buffalo just to get them but we settled for something just as good. Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings!! The nearest Buffalo Wild Wings to us was in Watchung, a good half an hour away. With traffic, it took us almost 45-50 mins to get there. When we finally saw the big neon sign of that sports bar...ahhhhhhhhhhhh, we were in heaven! :D The place was packed to the brim when we arrived but luckily, we managed to score a table! At that point, if there was a 2 hr waiting list, I am pretty sure we would have waited too :P
So, what did we order? Like doh! Wings of course!!! Check out all the different sauces and seasonings. 14 sauces and 4 seasonings to choose from! The best thing about this is, IF we chose not to order wings and wanted something else from the menu, we could add or swap any of the seasonings with anything on the menu. How cool is that??
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm look at those yummy wings. We drove 50 mins for this! Buffalo Wild Wing's award winning Buffalo style hand spun wings! Kevin ordered the 12 pcs ($8.99) traditional wings. We had a choice between traditional or breaded boneless. The darker ones on top are Honey BBQ and the brighter ones are Spicy Garlic. As many of you know, I have a super low tolerance for spiciness, so I found the Spicy Garlic to be a tad bit spicy. OK fine, it was more than a tad bit. I found it to be very very spicy. Kevin on the other hand loved it. I prefer the Honey BBQ. In my opinion, it was the best out of the 4 different flavors we ordered that night. Sweet with a hint of smokiness....mmm mmm good!
I too ordered the 12 piece traditional wings. The one on the right is Mild and Parmesan Garlic is on the left. I just love the blend of roasted garlic with Parmesan sauce and Italian herbs. It was so flavorful and good. What can I say about the Mild? It was awesome! It had just a hint of spiciness, exactly how I love my buffalo wings! The wings were also really huge and juicy. In my opinion, that's how Buffalo wings should be. I just hate those places that sell small, dry and shriveled up wings.
Apart from wings, we also shared a portion of Buffalo Chips with Cheese ($5.79). Crispy natural cut potato slices with Queso cheese. We originally wanted to order potato wedges with cheese but our server highly recommended this. So, we figured we will give it a try. I wouldn't say that it was out of this world awesome but I wouldn't say that it was bad either. It was just alright. After all, how can one go wrong with chips and cheese? All in all, it was a great dinner. The wings were just so so so gooood. Was it worth the 50 min drive? You bet it was! Now, the two fatties can die happpy :P

Buffalo Wild Wings
1599 US Highway West 22
Watchung, NJ 07069
Tel: (908) 222 9464

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Dawn said...

Charlene, great to see you blogging again! :D

My hubs agreed too that the wings at BWW are bigger and juicier than other places. Ok this is to make you jealous - BWW is just 5 minutes from my house! ;)

*Run, Dawn, run!*