Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now, relocating can't be all that hard, can it?

I'm sure many of you know that both Kevin and I are not originally from New Jersey. We relocated out here about 4 years ago, when Kevin was offered a new job. Back then, we really didn't know much about New Jersey at all. We didn't have any friends out here and we had no idea what so ever where the good neighborhoods were. So, we just got an apartment near Kevin's workplace and hoped for the best. We later moved from that apartment to our current one, but still, I would say that it wasn't really an educated choice. Many a time, Kevin and I have discussed about moving else where. Another city or county in New Jersey or maybe even across the river to New York. However, finding the right place is never easy.

I was online the other day, browsing through real estate websites, hoping to find somewhere worth moving to when I stumbled upon some Hawaii real estate listings. Hawaii. Yes, I know that's a little bit far from New Jersey but there was something about that site that caught my attention. The site belonged to Jeff Manson, who is a Hawaiian realtor and really, he makes relocating seem so much easier. I would say that he is an expert when it comes to helping a potential buyer in the relocating process. He is basically a one stop shop, where not only does he sell and rent houses but he also helps refer buyers to lenders for mortgage quotes as well as help get moving quotes from various movers. We definitely need to meet more realtors like him in our quest in finding a new apartment. Life would be so much easier. Hmmm, I wonder if Jeff Manson has an office out here in Jersey?

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