Friday, November 21, 2008

8. Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop is definitely a Pittsburgh hot dog institution. More fondly known as the "Dirty O" or just "The O", it opened it's doors in 1960. Located in Oakland, it is always packed with students from the nearby University of Pittsburgh. It gets extra packed on Friday and Saturday nights, with it's opening hours stretching until 5am in the morning! There is even a sign on the window proudly saying that Dan Marino ate there for many years!

They have quite a large menu, ranging from Hoagies, Chicken, Salads to Pizzas and Fish Sandwiches. The star of the menu is of course their Hot Dogs!

There are so many kinds of Hot Dogs to choose from. They have the Hot Cheese Dogs, Chili Dogs, Kosher Dogs, Beef Dogs, Slaw Dogs, Parmesan Dogs...all in natural casing. It can all be topped with loads of onions, sauerkraut and mustard (the O serves brown mustard).

Not only is The O famous for it's hot dogs, they are very well known for their fries! Yup, fries from The O is just the best. Freshly cut, double fried fries in peanut oil. The portions are just crazily huge! The fries shown here in the picture is a small order. There is just so much fries until it overflows the paper box holder. A medium order would cover the whole cafeteria tray!

Remember The O when you are hungry late in the night and all the other shops are closed. Just follow the smell of hot dogs and fries down Forbes Ave and you will find the yummiest food that will not break your bank there!

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop
3901 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Tel: (412) 621-7388

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