Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Chinese Wedding Banquet

Today is exactly 4 months since we had our Malaysian Wedding Celebration. Yup, it took me this long to finally post up all the photos from that day. I admit that I'm a slacker, big time slacker! :P We had our Chinese wedding banquet at the Royal Ballroom in the Palace of the Golden Horses. Here are some photos from the banquet.
The theme for the night is black, white and dark red. I know, you must be Not many Chinese would pick black as part of their wedding theme but we are not superstitious and stuff. I'm really blessed to have understanding and non traditional Chinese parents that would allow us to have the freedom to make such decisions.
This is the main table. It's set up in a horse shoe shape, instead of the traditional round table. Palace of the Golden Horses offers both horse shoe as well as the traditional round setting.
The design for our stage backdrop was inspired by our wedding invitation card. I wanted to have a certain theme that flows throughout the whole wedding and decided to pick the trellises as the underlying theme.

This is our wedding favor. It's a coin pouch made from cheongsam material. The cheongsam material was chosen in line with our "East meets West" concept. We had this for our Pittsburgh wedding too. We had them specially flown in from Shanghai. Thanks Sharon for running all over Shanghai to source this for us. We stuffed the coin pouch with butter mints that we got from the States. It had nice wrappers thanking our guest for coming. Also note the trellises on the thank you card :D

The menu for the night. It might look like a typical Chinese dinner menu for us Malaysians, but I bet it was very exotic for our foreign guests! It must have been quite an experience to try sharks fin, fish maw, sea cucumber and hasma..just to name a few. Again, I kept to the trellises theme for the menu.

Our guest book. We had sheets of A3 paper, printed with the trellises as well as photos from our Pittsburgh wedding. We later bound it into a book after the wedding. It's easier this way. Can you imagine 500 over guest crowding around a small guest book to write their wishes?We also had a framed photograph of us on the guest book table. Our guest could also sign their wishes on the white border of the frame.

Kevin and I with my parents, Kevin's mom and Yoon, our best man. This was taken just before we walked into the ballroom.

We walked in to the ballroom with shots of confetti from confetti cannons and the Beatles " All we need is love" song.

Cutting our wedding cake and the view of the ballroom.

After changing from my white wedding gown to the evening gown, we walked in for the second time. We chose "Fallen" by Lauren Wood as the walk in song.

Of course we had the traditional champagne toast and YAM SENG. The official part of the wedding ended with Kevin giving his thank you speech. We had a great time mingling with family and friends that we have not seen for ages! The dance floor was also opened for anyone who wanted to dance. We had such a lovely night and we hope that all our guest had fun too!

For more photos of the wedding banquet, please click here and here. You can also click here to see a short photo montage of the night.

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