Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

It was our first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner and boy, did we have fun! Kevin's mom flew in from Pittsburgh and we had two other friends visiting from DC and Connecticut. Our day started pretty early, starting with a quick run to the grocery store to pick up some things that we forgot to get the day before.
After we got back from the grocery store, we cleaned, marinated the turkey with some special secret marinade and it was in the oven by 11 in the morning. Here is a photo of Kevin putting the turkey in the oven bag. We like to cook our turkey in oven bags because it really helps to keep the turkey moist and juicy.

I started work on the side dishes around 2 in the afternoon. Yes, every good chef drinks when they are cooking. Here am I with a glass of bubbly :P

While I was preparing the sides, Kevin was busy setting up the table. He did a good job, didn't he?

We had some fresh mozzarella cheese rolled with prosciutto and a port wine cheese log with crackers while waiting for dinner to be served. I really liked the port wine cheese. Goes really well with the wine that we had.

At last, dinner is served! Here is a photo of the dinner spread. Of course the Roast Turkey is in the middle, and starting from the bottom, and moving clockwise - Mashed Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup, Glazed Carrots, Green Bean Casserole with Fried French Onions, Apple Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Turkey Gravy, Steamed Brussels Sprouts with Melted Butter, Potato Au Gratin with Bacon, Freshly Baked Croissants and Stuffing. We also had Apple Crumble and Whipped Cream for dessert.

Overall, we had a superb Thanksgiving and we are very thankful for good friends and family. Nothing beats good food, good wine and good company. We have so much leftovers, I think we will be having turkey sandwiches for lunch everyday until the new year!! Anybody wants some turkey leftovers? :P

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