Friday, July 10, 2009

Kevin's Mushroom & Onion Burgers

Kevin came home from work earlier than usual last Friday and said that he will make dinner for a change. Since it was the day before the 4th of July, he decided to make some hamburgers from scratch. This is Kevin's own recipe for mushroom and onion burgers.

First, he took out about 2lbs of ground beef and sprinkled some Montreal Steak seasoning on it.

Then he added a mix of Parmesan and Romano cheese.

Next goes in some breadcrumbs.

He then splashed on a few drops of Tabasco sauce, just a little for taste, not too much.

Lastly, he cracked in one egg to hold everything together.

Kevin then mixed everything evenly up in a large mixing bowl.

Next, he diced some fresh mushrooms into little pieces and added that to the mixture.

Then, add in one large onion that has been chopped to tiny pieces.

Mix everything together. At this point, do not be afraid to use your hands.

Kevin then split the meat mixture into 6 equal portions and shaped them into patties.

Set them aside once it's done. If the meat is too soggy from the egg, you can add in some more breadcrumbs. 2 lbs of ground beef should make about 6 large patties.

Now it's time to grill the burgers. Since we live in an apartment, Kevin had to use our George Foreman grill. It would have been so much more yummier if it was grilled on a charcoal outdoor grill :P Oh well...

While the burgers are on the grill, Kevin chopped up more onions and stir fried them in some butter.

He then added in some sliced mushrooms.

He cooked them up until they were nice and brown, then he set them aside.

Once the burgers are done, remove them from the grill and place them on a plate.

Scoop the mushrooms and onion mixture onto the burgers.

Place a slice of cheese on top and allow it to melt. You can pretty much use any type of cheese that you like but Kevin used Provolone.

You can toast/brown some Kaiser rolls in the oven and put on whatever condiments that you like. We just slapped on some mayo and a few slices of tomatoes.

Place the burgers on the Kaiser roll and top it up with a few squirts of ketchup.

There you go. Kevin's big and juicy mushroom and onions burger! We ate it with a side of red potato salad and some macaroni salad. Mmmm mmmm was so yummy!

After dinner, we each had a slice of red velvet cake that we bought in the bakery earlier on. What a yummy dinner to kick off our 4th of July weekend! :D


J.H said...

goodness, look really apetizing. I might try this too :-)

p.s: yes, I would love to exchange links :-) now your links is attach under FRIENDS category. Nice to know you Charlene. You surely made very creative cooking and baking!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Hahaha thanks! This time around, it was all Kevin. All I did was stand around and take pcitures :D I'll tell him that you liked his recipe though...haha!