Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marlboro Ranch Activity Forms

After receiving the verification call from Marlboro earlier this month, the lady from the Marlboro Ranch Travel Headquarters told us to expect an envelope containing our activity preference forms on or around July 16th. True enough, I found a FedEx envelope sitting outside my door on Thursday afternoon.
Inside the envelope was a nice glossy folder, with a picture of the entrance to the Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana.

There were pictures of all the activities available at the Ranch on the inside of the folder, along with a few documents, a cowboy hat sizer and a note telling us to fill up the paperwork and send it back to them. We could either use the prepaid FedEx envelope that was included or we could just fax them over (which we did). The cover letter also said that our travel instructions, airline tickets, personalized luggage tags, confirmation of our daily activities as well as a check for $1,250.00 will be couriered to us on or around August 11.

There were two forms for us to fill up. The first is the gear form. We needed to provide out boots size, jacket size as well as our cowboy hat size. I learnt from other people who had the opportunity to visit the ranch before that we will be getting free cowboy boots, jackets, t shirts, bandannas and a cowboy hat...among other things! Woohoo! If you are a smoker, Philip Morris USA will provide free tobacco products upon your arrival at the ranch. You are supposed to select the type that you and your guest smoke on the form. I counted, there are 25 different types of Marlboro cigarettes available! I never knew there were so many different kinds of Marlboros. On this form, you can also select the type of room setup that you prefer, one king size bed or two twins.

The next form is the exciting form. It tell us about all the activities available at the ranch and we are supposed to rate them from 1-9, according to our interest. Check out all the fun stuff that we can do at the ranch!

Adventure Trek - Head out with your hiking shoes and GPS and navigate your way up to an intense zip line sun , soaring 150 feet over a mountain creek.

Back country Tour - Explore the back country of the Ranch in a 4x4, take in the scenery and stop for a chuck wagon lunch along the way.
Fly-fishing - Angle for trout in our very own mountain-stream-fed lake. Our backyard boast some of the best fly-fishing in these parts.
Mountain Biking - Venture off the trail, go rugged and enjoy the ride. It's all the freedom of the west, like never before.
Sporting Clays - Learn from one of our expert marksmen to be a good shot. Then put your skills to the test on our private range.
Off-roading - Get instructions from an off road expert, then get behind the wheel to take in the land.
Horse Basics - Get to know the Ranch horses, then pick up some tips from our expert wranglers.
Horseback Riding - Saddle up for an easy ride through our high country.
Cattle Drive - Qualify riders get to round up a herd, drive it home and learn what it means to be a real cowboy.
Nightlife - Full days turn into big nights with pool, dancing, music and comfort food, served up hearty and often.
Wow! So many things to do. We are now really beginning to get excited about this trip. Kevin faxed back all the forms on Friday morning from work, so now all we can do is wait. Can't wait to get our travel documents and for Aug 19th to come! That's when we leave for the Big Sky Country! Yeeeee Haw!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the cool information. I received an invitation to the ranch and have sent back the qualification forms. After reading this blog i am sooooooooooooooooo excited. This sounds like so much fun

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful...but how much did this cost you in end? you get a 1099 tax form with this???