Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Max Brenner - Union Square, NYC

Like I mentioned earlier in my post about Jaya Restaurant, we were in the city last weekend to meet up with an old friend from Uni. After our lunch in Chinatown, we headed to Max Brenner in Union Square. There are two Max Brenner's in NYC, the other is located in the East Village. I've always thought that Max Brenner was an Australian chocolate chain that specializes in chocolate drinks and desserts but I just found out that it's actually Israeli! Can't really blame me, there are 13 outlets in Australia and only 6 in Israel. They also have branches in the Philippines, Singapore and two outlets here in the States (both in Manhattan).

The place looked pretty packed when we walked in. The wonderful smell of chocolate just hits you the moment you walk in. The Chocolate Shop (gift shop) was on our right and Chocolate Bar was in front of us. In the Chocolate Shop you can find the very chocolaty Max Brenner Truffle Cream, Pralines, Pastries, Cookies as well as their famous "Hug Mug" and other glasses/mugs/cups. We could also see some of their famous Chocolate Pizza and other chocolate goodies on display at the Chocolate Bar.

The waitress led us to the second level of the two level cafe. We were handed tow menus each, one for food and the other for drinks and desserts. Everything on the menu looked so good! I think this was the longest time I ever took to look through the menu to decide on what to order!

Kevin ordered the Chocolate Chai ($4.50), a chai spice blend infused with hot white chocolate truffle. It comes with a piece of biscotti by the side. I just love the presentation of the drink. You are supposed to put the pot on top of the glass and press down. It will then dispense the Chocolate Chai into the glass. Cool huh?

I felt like having a Choctail, so I ended up ordering the Dark Chocolate Granita ($6.75). It's pure dark chocolate truffle blended with ice. It was served in their famous Alice Cup. The Chocolate Granita also comes in Milk and White chocolate. For a dollar extra, you could add in a shot of either Raspberry, Coconut, Cinnamon, Mint, Hazelnut or Banana flavoring. I didn't want to do that, the original flavor was yummy enough. So chocolicious!!

Our friend Harayz ordered their signature Hot Chocolate ($4.95), served in a Hug Mug. It is also known as the Cappuccino of Chocolate. I believe he chose the Milk Chocolate, with hints of vanilla.

We wanted to share something for dessert but there we just so many things to choose from! From Waffles to Crepes to Chocolate Pizzas! At last, we also ordered a portion of Vanilla Profiterole Fondue Skewers ($11.25). The profiteroles (served on skewers) were filled with vanilla cream. They were accompanied by a bowl of crunchy wafer balls as well as a portion of milk chocolate fondue and vanilla sauce for dipping. Mmmmmm mmm mmmmm, they were really really good.

We had a great time catching up with Harayz and the drinks as well dessert in Max Brenner totally rocks! I would definitely go back to try their Chocolate Pizza and maybe some other items from their food menu. The chocolate in Max Brenner is just so so so delicious and yummy. I think I have fallen in love with the "Chocolate by the Bald Man" :P

Max Brenner - Union Square Branch
841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th St),
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 388-0030

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