Thursday, May 7, 2009

My First Japanese Curry

When we were buying our Japanese groceries in Mitsuwa Marketplace a few weeks back ( I know, I know...will get around to blogging about it), there was a promotion going on for Japanese curry. I would usually just bypass the Japanese curry aisle but it caught my attention that day. They were selling it for just a little over a dollar per pack. I have heard a lot about Japanese curry but never tried it before. So, we bought two packs to try it out.

There were a lot of heat levels to choose from and we chose MILD (just to be safe). I really do not know what is a good brand or flavor, we just bought the cheapest one on sale. Mild curry with vegetables.

We were also wondering if we should just eat it with rice or something else, must we add meat to it..ect. Thank goodness the Japanese are one step ahead of us. There were suggestions printed on the back on how we should eat the curry. Woohoo! Looks like you can pretty much eat it with anything! :P

We opened the box to find a pouch and directions inside.

So, how do we make this Japanese curry thingy? First, boil a pot of hot water.

When the water is in full boil, drop in the pouch and let it cook until it floats. It should take about 5 minutes.

I made a pot of hot steaming rice to go with the curry. I read somewhere that if you were to put in a small dollop of butter into the pot when you cook the rice, the rice comes out extra yummy. I tried that and yeah, I have been adding some butter to my rice every since. It's really yummy! Just a little bit when you turn on the rice cooker. It makes a whole lot of difference.

Since the 'suggestions' behind the box said eat it with roast chicken, ok Mr. Box...roast chicken it is. We bought back some ready made roast chicken from the supermarket to go with the Japanese curry. The color of the curry wasn't the usual red/orange that I am used to but it was in a dark shade of brown. It looked pretty err I don't know...dodgy? Anyway, I took a mouthful and I was in heaven! Now I know what people are raving about. It's reallly really really good! Oh my goodness, I just love the taste. Not just that, it was so easy to make! The next time I go to Mitsuwa Marketplace, I think I will buy a whole carton and stock up. Yup, looks like I have found a new favorite, when it comes to Japanese food!!! :D

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