Monday, August 23, 2010

Simple Chicken & Mix Vege Stir Fry

Here is something really simple and fast that I made for dinner a few days ago. It's an Asian style inspired stir fry that can be whipped up in less than half an hour (yup, that includes prep time too!) Not only is it really yummy, it's pretty healthy too! Check it out.
Start off by adding some minced garlic to a few splashes of oil. I used olive oil but you can pretty much anything that you have in hand.
Once the garlic starts to turn slightly brown, add in some slices of chicken breast. I sliced the chicken breast into thin strips and pre marinated it with some soy sauce, pepper and some corn flour for a few hours.
After stir frying the chicken for a bit til it's almost cooked, add in some shitake mushrooms and some fresh mushrooms. You can pretty much add in any type of mushrooms that you like. If you don't like mushrooms, hey, just leave them out! It's a matter of what you have in your fridge at that time. Remember to cut out the stems from the shitake mushrooms and you can cut the caps into half if they are too big.
Then, stir fry the mushrooms for a bit. When they have soften a lil, you can add in the rest of the vegetables. I added a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and Italian green beans. Mix them up well with the mushrooms. You can add in a little bit of chicken stock if it's a little bit dry.
Once all the vegetables are almost cooked, it's time to add in the sauce. The sauce is really simple to make. Just add in some teriyaki sauce (some people prefer oyster sauce, it's up to you) with a few dashes of soy sauce and some chicken stock. Then, add in some corn flour to thicken the sauce up. Mix everything together really well and you have the sauce. Pour the sauce into the vegetable mixture and stir fry for a bit.
There you go. A nic big wok of chicken and vegetable stir fly! Now, wasn't that really simple to make? I served it up on top of some brown rice and dinner was ready! A simple home made dinner in less than half an hour :D

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