Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nuts 4 Nuts - All Natural Honey-Roasted Nuts

We had a visitor from Singapore over the weekend. My primary school friend from Penang (she now works in Singapore) was in Charlotte last week for some training and she stopped over for a few days for a brief visit before heading back to Singapore. I cannot believe that we have been friends for 24 years already! =) Since it was her first time in NYC, we tried our best to bring to her as many places as possible, in that short two and a half days. I will be blogging about all the places that we went to and the stuff that we did in the next few days.

After a long day out walking around the city, we were heading back to the World Trade Center PATH station when I smelled something really yummy. It was the nice familiar scent of roasted nuts that I would only usually smell during the winter time. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the black and orange Nuts 4 Nuts street cart parked near the PATH station! You see, both Kevin and I loveeeee the Nuts 4 Nuts honey roasted nuts and it's really difficult to find those street carts during the summertime. They are just about everywhere during the winter but there are more ice cream trucks, smoothie trucks and other 'summer food' trucks around during the summertime. So yeah, we just had to go get ourselves some nuts!
Boy, I must say that the smell of those honey roasted nuts are just so intoxicating! You can smell them from blocks away, especially on a crisps and cold winters day. When I asked the street vendor if I could take some pictures, she was more than happy to pose for pictures. She seemed pretty excited that we are taking pictures of her cart. LOL!
Ahhhh, a close up picture of some freshly roasted honey nuts. There are four types of nuts available and they are all honey coated. There are peanuts, almonds, cashews and small bits of coconuts. A small bag of nuts (no mixing allowed) cost $2 and it's $3 for a mixed bag. How I wish they would add in some macadamia nuts into their menu. Honey roasted macadamia nuts would taste oh so yummmy!!
We bought a bag of cashew nuts to share. As usual, they were greeeatttt! Nice plump yummy cashews with a crunchy coat of honey. It was still nice and warm (since she was just done roasting them a few minutes before we walked up). So so so gooood. Eating those yummy nuts from Nuts 4 Nuts makes we wish that winter would come just a little bit faster this year. Nothing beats a warm bag of roasted nuts on a chilly winters day.

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