Monday, August 9, 2010

Omaha Steaks - Fantastic Feast Promo!

We have been getting tons of mail (both snail mail and email) from Omaha Steaks for the longest time. There is always some sort of promotion going on. Kevin said that his grandparents always ordered their steaks from Omaha Steaks back in the day and he remembered them to be pretty good. He said that we should try ordering from them one of these days but we just never got around to it.We received a brochure in the mail a while back and we thought that it was a pretty good deal. Their Fantastic Feast package was going for only $49.99! Usually, promotion price for Fantastic Feast would be $69.99 (original retail price is $170!) but it was $49.99 this time around! Not only that, you get a few free gifts too. So, we decided to give it a try.
At first, we were wondering how they would ship all that meat to us. We knew that it will come in a huge reusable cooler but we were not sure if the meat would stay frozen and stuff. When our order arrived, we were really pleased to find dry ice in the cooler! So, everything was still nice and frozen. Here's what it looks like inside the cooler.
Check out all the stuff that's inside the cooler! was a BIG cooler! :P Everything was nicely packed and labeled in individual boxes. There was also cooking instructions and nutrition labels printed on the boxes. They also included a booklet filled with awesome recipes. :D
Here's all the stuff that's in the Fantastic Feast package. 2 x Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crab meat, 8 x Gourmet Franks, 4 x Top Sirloin Steaks, 4 x Stuffed Baked Potatoes, 4 x Boneless Pork Chops, 4 x Chicken Breast and 4 x Omaha Steak Burgers. That's a lot of food for $49.99!!
Remember I said earlier that the Fantastic Feast also came with a free gifts? Well, the original package comes with 4 pieces of Omaha Steak Burgers. Omaha Steaks threw in another 4, making it 8 pieces in total! The burgers were awesome actually, we have been grilling them up over the past few weeks.....sooooo good!
We also got a 6 piece cutlery set and a cutting board. A chefs knife, carving knife, boning knife, utility knife, paring knife and a sharpening steel. The knives aren't the best quality knives but hey, they are free! :P Overall, I think that the amount of food that we got was worth the $49.99 (even if they didn't give us the free cutlery set and cutting board :P). Yes, the portion were kinda small but taking that into consideration, I felt that it was still worth it. We will be keeping our eyes out for more Omaha Steaks deals in the future!

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