Saturday, August 7, 2010

Groupon totally rocks!!

Before I say anything else, let me clarify that this is not a paid post. I am sharing this just because I really love the concept of Groupon and that I am very impressed with the way Groupon handled our case when we filed a complaint a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, have you guys heard of Groupon before? I'm pretty sure by now, most people would have. If not, here is a short video tell you all about it. Check it out.

Remember when we blogged about how our experience at Farm 2 Bistro left a bad taste in our mouth? Yeah, about how they insisted that they must add on a 18% gratuity because we used a Groupon, even after we told them that no where on the Groupon voucher (or Groupon website) does it say that it's the 'policy' to add on a 18% gratuity. Like we said earlier, we really didn't feel like arguing with the silly waitress, so we just gave them what they asked for and left.

When we got home that evening, I went to the Groupon website and wrote to them, telling them about the incident. I really wasn't expecting any reply from them, cos really, what can they do? It wasn't really their fault that the merchant cheated us by 'making up' false policies. Guess what? There was an email from them bright and early the next day, apologizing for the bad Groupon experience. They said that they will get their people to talk to the merchant and put a stop to this. They also thanked us for alerting them about this horrible merchant and agreed that yes, a 18% "compulsory gratuity" shouldn't have been added to our final bill. Now, that really made me feel good, cos I know that at least they now know what is going on at Farm 2 Bistro and hopefully, other Groupon customers will not have to go through the same nonsense as us. Not only that, Groupon also said that they will refund us the full $15 (that's the amount we paid for the $30 voucher) in Groupon credits, so that we could use that on future Groupon purchases! They said that they are really sorry that we had such a bad Groupon experience, so hopefully we can give them another try with the $15 credit. How cool is that? I really wasn't expecting any sort of refund but WOW! Within an hour or so after that email, I saw that $15 was credited into my Groupon account. That's what you call great customer service! :D Thanks Groupon, you guys rock!

* I'm sure most of you already have a Groupon account but if you don't and would like to sign up, use this link. That's my unique referral link. If you sign up using that link, I will get Groupon credits when you buy your first Groupon! :D

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