Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rank your favorite movies at Rankography!

* This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Rankography.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is no secret that both Kevin and I love watching movies. We try to watch as many movies as we can. Sometimes we would hit the jackpot and pick a good movie, something that we both like. Many other times, we would end up with lame ones. Sometimes we do not even know what to pick, because we have gone through so many movies over the years. There are many a time when we wished that we could just find a decent website that would rank movies, rankings by other movie fanatics, just like us. I am not interested in heavy websites with all kinds of synopsis and stuff. I just want something simple and easy to navigate through, with a clutter free layout. Guess what? I found just the site for me!

Rankography is a newly launched website that allows registered users to rank their favorite movies in various categories and share it with others. if you can't find one that you like, you can always create a new category! This is just totally awesome. For example, I love Romantic Comedies and I also like movies that is filmed locally here in NYC. So, I can create a category called "Romantic Comedies set in NYC" and start ranking my favorites.

Not only can I rank movies, I can also find movies in the category that I like. It can be done by reviewing the rankings of other members in that category. For example, maybe I want to look for Vampire Movies or Comedies from the 80's . No problem! I can just browse through rankings of others in this categories to find movies that I have not seen that fit. I was just going through the Index of Categories on Rankography a few minutes ago and I found some really cool categories. Stuff like "Movies with the Best Geek Roles" and "Movies with Biggest Plot Twist".

Another good thing about Rankography is that it can be a great tool for bloggers (especially movie reviewers!). You can create a profile with your rankings, describe your blog and get a quality link to your blog on the site. These profiles are displayed on the front page of the site with a slide wheel to roll through them. Movie bloggers can also quickly find movies to review by browsing through the slide wheel looking at other members rankings.

Not only that, you could also link to your own Ranking Profile to the site as well as link to other interesting category rankings or profiles. That's really awesome! So what are you waiting for? Go register at Rankography.com and start ranking your favorite movies today!

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