Friday, May 7, 2010

Jersey BBQ Pit & Grill - Newark, NJ

It was almost dinner time last Sunday and we were getting pretty hungry. As usual, we were too lazy to get all dressed up to go out for dinner (also, we didn't have time to eat out and make it home in time for Amazing Race!), so we decided to either take out some food or order in. I remembered seeing this new BBQ place by McCarter Highway while we were driving by a few days ago, so I said we should go check it out.
I'm not exactly sure how new Jersey BBQ Pit & Grill is but I think I can safely say that it's been opened for less than two months. The whole plaza is less than half a year old, so there are many new shops that just recently opened there (mental note: must check out the new pizza place as well as the seafood shop too). Parking is no problem, there are ample parking lots in front of the restaurant.
Being a new place, everything was clean and nice. We found out that it's actually a self service restaurant. So, you walk up to the counter and place your order, no matter if you are taking out or eating in. The menu was pretty extensive, from individual value meals to family meals. They also had sandwiches, salads, soups and finger food. You could also order party trays that comes in various sizes (can feed between 15-50 people).
We ordered our food to go but if you like, there is also a section where you can dine in. You get a choice of bar stools, booths or regular tables. There were also quite a number of large screen TVs located all over the restaurant. At that time, they were showing some HBO movie but I guess it can be a good place to watch the game too.
Ahhhh, here is our food. Look at how neatly they packed it for us. Most of the food is made to order, so we had to wait for about 20 mins to get our food. That's fine, at least we know that the food is fresh. We'll probably call ahead to place our order first the next time we do order from there. That way, we can just drive down there and pick up the food, instead of sitting there and waiting. Oh, we also found out that they do deliver. However, there is a $20 minimum order and a $2 delivery charge.
Check out our big tray of food. We ordered the Family Meal Combo #2 ($19.75). We got a whole flame grilled BBQ chicken (cut into 8 pieces), 1/2 rack of BBQ pork ribs, 4 pieces of Pork Tenderloin and 2 sticks of Steak Skewers. That is sure a lot of food! Kevin loved the ribs and I really like the pork tenderloin. It was so juicy and tender...mmm mmm mmm. Actually, everything was really good, it was kinda hard to pick a favorite.

All Family Meal Combos come with a huge serving of yellow rice, french fries, a tub of black beans, some BBQ sauce and two rolls. I like how the fries are those thin shoestring fries instead of those thick cut ones. It's really yummy and crispy, not soggy at all. For the price we paid, the portions were huge! It was enough to feed the both of us for three days (dinner, lunch the next day, supper and lunch the following day). I only wish they gave us more rolls. They were super yummy. I am not sure if they baked it in house or they buy it from somewhere but boy, were they good! We both give Jersey BBQ Pit & Grill two thumbs up and we will definitely return in the very near future.

Jersey BBQ Pit & Grill
1417-1419 McCarter Highway,
Newark, NJ 07104
Tel: (973) 497 1818

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