Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KFC's Double Down Sandwich

For those of you living in America, I'm sure you would have heard of KFC's Double Down Sandwich. Their ads are on TV all the time, you can see the posters plastered almost everywhere and everybody is talking about it. For those of you who don't know, it's the all new 'bunless' sandwich. The concept that KFC is trying to push is...a regular sandwich with just one regular chicken patty isn't enough. Most people need to eat at least TWO to be full. So hey, let's just eliminate the bun all together and use two huge chicken fillets as the bun! OMG! Like seriously, isn't fast food in America unhealthy enough? Do we really need to go this far? With all the hype revolving around this new product, I just had to try it. So, off to our local KFC I went.
I never liked KFC in America (I gotta admit I love the Malaysian KFC though) to begin with. I personally feel that the chicken in KFC is way too greasy, smaller and more expensive compared to the other chicken joints. However, for the sake of trying out a new product, I decided to put that all aside and went in with an open mind.
Alright, this is it. Inside this box lays one of the most talked about sandwich in recent times. Let me warn you that it doesn't come cheap. A meal consisting of one sandwich, wedges and a drink cost $7.99 and just the sandwich will set you back $5.99. Just for comparison, depending on what state you are from, a Big Mac would cost about $3.75 and a Double Whopper around $3.99. So yeah, $5.99 for a sandwich is pretty steep.
Here it is! The Double Down Sandwich. It wasn't as huge as what we saw in the ads but one things for sure, it was really greasy! The bottom of the wrapper was soaked with oil. When I ordered the sandwich, the guy at the counter did a double take and gave me the 'are you serious?' look. He actually had to go make the sandwich while I wait. I was pretty surprised that there wasn't any just sitting there, since it was a new product. Now I am beginning to see why. I guess it's not one of the 'hot sellers'.
So, what's in the sandwich anyways? Here's the breakdown. Two (really greasy) chicken fillets with two slices of bacon, two melted slices of Montery & Pepper Jack cheese and some Colonel's sauce. Boy, I can feel my arteries starting to clog, just by typing all this. Oh, you can choose to get the grilled version instead of the Original recipe but why bother. If you want to kill yourself, might as well go all the way, right? :P

Now the important part. The taste test. I thought to myself, hey, I wouldn't mind shortening my life by a couple of days and eat this if it's yummy. I also thought that I was being really clever by cutting a biscuit into half and using it as a 'bun'. So, I now have a super tall, extra greasy, sodium filled sandwich. After a few bites, I realized that no way I can go through this in one sitting. It was just too greasy. I can actually feel the oil squirting out as I bite into the sandwich. However, the Chinese in me said that I should not waste food (especially after paying so much for a silly sandwich), so I pressed on. Half way thru the sandwich, I was already beginning to feel sick. By then, Kevin was mocking me and started to say that I should just stop. Why torture myself? He said that it's just gross and that he knew that I couldn't finish the sandwich even before I bought it. OK, now I'm on a mission. I HAD to finish it, just to prove a point. So I pressed on. Not only was it oily, it was really filling. The chicken fillets really fill you up. By the time I took the last bite (it took me almost 45 minutes to finish it, I was like watching TV and slowly nibbling on it), I was sick. Really sick. I felt like throwing up, because of all that oil. I can feel the oil just sitting in my mouth. I had to detox myself by drinking loads of hot green tea and oranges. Also, (trying not to be gross here..) I had the runs all night long. Horrible horrible. Well, on the upside, at least I can say I have tried it when people talk about this 'new' sandwich. All I can say is...never again.


Simply June said...

this chicken looked so geli and jelak on the ad. i'm not gonna to try it and for sure ain't gonna try it after reading your review!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yeah, it's quite bad lah. Jelak nevermind, it's the oily and greasy part that gets to me. So grosss lah.