Friday, May 7, 2010

Walk In Tubs for the Elderly and Disabled

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Being able bodied, healthy and relatively young, we sometimes take a lot of things for granted. For instance, we just breeze through the day doing things that we seemingly look at as regular everyday things and not think twice about it. Getting up from bed, taking a shower, making breakfast and going off to work. No big deal right? Well, wrong! For certain member of our community, this can be a real core. Yes, I'm talking about the elderly and disabled. With limited mobility and aching joints, something as simple as getting into the bathtub to get a shower can be really difficult.

Have you heard of walk in tubs? That can be the perfect solution in helping the elderly and disabled take a bath without any hassle. Just open the small door and walk right in. It is truly great! However, there are many walk in tubs out in the market today. How do you choose the perfect walk in tub for you? Once of the main things to consider is the quality. You have to look at it as an investment. many foreign made tubs are cheaper but they often do not meet the North American plumbing, electrical, and quality standards. Also, getting replacement parts can be more costly in the long run. Walk in tubs also come in many different sizes, so you would want to get something that fits your bathroom. Apart from that, there are also many features that comes with many different walk in tubs. You would want to pick one that is right for you. Last but not least, there is the price factor. Yes, we see walk in tubs as investments, but we do not want to break our banks just to get one too! So, pick one that is in your budget.

There are many walk in tubs to choose from but remember that you would want something that is high in quality, reasonable in price and something that will last. Avoid overpriced poor quality foreign made tubs. Look for American made walk in tubs that has warranties and guarantees. Remember to look for the life time warranty on the door seal. Where can you get such a walk in tub? Just head over to any Costco in US and Canada. Why put up with that daily struggle of getting into the bathtub? Get a walk in tub and make your life hassle free today!


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