Monday, November 9, 2009

Quality Chef - Belleville, NJ

We received ANOTHER Chinese food take out/delivery menu under our door last week. This time, it was from Quality Chef in Belleville, announcing their restaurants' 13th anniversary as well as to introduce their new associate, Li's Golden Chopsticks. The menu says that their cooking doesn't contain any MSG and they offer free delivery. Also, their prices were a tad bit cheaper than usual and their coupons looked pretty interesting. So, we decided to give it a try.
Just like all the other Chinese delivery places, the food arrived really fast. I think it only took them just about half an hour from the time we placed the order for the food to arrive at our doorstep. That's really really fast :P

Since the Moo Shu is my new favorite food from Chinese take out/delivery places, I decided to try their Moo Shu Chicken ($6.95). It comes with 4 pieces of pancake and a tub of sauce. From past experiences, I knew that 4 pieces of pancake is not enough (since they would always give a really large portion of Moo Shu), so I ordered another extra serving of pancake and sauce. I have tried the Moo Shu from a few take out places and so far, this is the best. It's not overly salty and there is a good mix of vegetables and chicken. Very nice!

When we try out new Chinese take out places, I would usually want to try out their Fried Lo Mein. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I can usually tell how good that place is by their Lo Mein. I knowwww....weird :P Anyways, we ordered the Shrimp Lo Mein ($4.35 for a small) and guess what? It was greeaaaatt! Not only does it contain loads of shrimp, but there is a generous amount of mushrooms and other vegetables too! The best part of the Lo Mein is that it's not dry but has a nice amount of yummy tasting gravy. I can safely say that, in my opinion, this is the best Lo Mein in our neck of the woods.

Just like how I would order the Lo Mein as a yardstick of how good a Chinese take out place is, Kevin would order the Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo Platter ($6.75). It came with roast pork fried rice and an egg roll. The sweet & sour chicken was good, the batter was light and not greasy. However, the eggroll wasn't really the best. It was a tad bit greasy and the filling was a little too salty.

Here is a picture of the eggroll and the free fortune cookies that we got with our meal.

Our total bill up to $20.70 (again, my 'kiasu' calculations to make sure that we only hit a little above $20 :P). So, what did we get with our coupons? Well, for orders over $20, we had a choice of either a pint of pork fried rice, 2 cans of soda or a box of sweet donuts. Ohh, sweet donuts? That's something new. So, we decided to get that. There were 10 pieces of super yummy home made donuts. It was still warm when it was so so goooood! It somewhat reminded me of the donuts the Malay 'pakcik' would sell in my high school, back in Malaysia. iLike! Overall, I feel that the food quality is above average and I would definitely order from this place again. Also, remember to check out their lunch specials. For $4.45, you have 41 different main dishes to choose from and it comes with a serving of pork fried rice. For an additional 50cents, you can add on a soup or soda. Sounds like a good deal, I will have to check that out real soon!

Quality Chef Chinese Food - Belleville, NJ
327 Union Avenue,
Belleville, NJ 07109
Tel: (973) 844-0763
Fax: (973) 844-0910


Simply said...

All u need to do is fry those canned biscuits! and u get that chinese donuts!! =)

Simply June said...

Oh yea.. remember to fry them over medium heat... u might get a gooey uncooked center if the heat is too high.

Charlene n Kevin said...

Wahhh...really ah? So ez? Any type of canned biscuit dough?

Simply June said...

regular buttermilk ones, not the flaky ones... yup it is that easy!! should turn out exactly like wat u get from chinese restaurants!!