Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Sweet Sixteen Ashley!!!

My baby sister turns 16 today! Boy, how time flies...I suddenly feel so old! It felt like only yesterday when I followed my parents around to deliver nasi kunyit, curry chicken and red eggs for her full moon celebration. In a blink of an eye, she is now 16! When did she turn from a cute bubbly baby to a responsible pretty young lady? I better not blink again. Who knows, the next time I realize it, I will be seating in church, watching her walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress.
We decided to do something special for her birthday, so we have put together (in secret) a short video clip with wishes and greetings we collected from her church friends, school friends and family. Check it out!

Now, a little message for Ashley:
Ashley, we just want to tell you that we love you lots. May you continue to be a joy and blessing to everyone you come in contact with. Also, may you find favor with both God and men and continue grow up to be the woman God intended you to be.

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