Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grand View Buffet @ The Rivers Casino

This is a backdated post. I have to apologise for not blogging much recently. I have been pretty busy with various stuff these couple of days. I promise I'll try to catch up with my blogging the next few days :P Anyways, since Kevin's sister was spending Christmas with her husband's side of the family, we ( Kevin, my MIL and myself) decided not to cook a big Christmas dinner, since it was only the three of us. We have been wanting to check out the brand new Rivers Casino since it opened it's doors in August 2009. When I found out that the Grand View Buffet @ The Rivers Casino is having their special Holiday Buffet on Christmas Day, PERFECT! We could go for the buffet and check out the casino while were are there.
The Rivers Casino is located on the North Shore, just next to Heinz Field, PNC Park and the Science Center. It's fairly easy to get to, but traffic can be pretty bad on game day! There is ample parking at the casino's multi story car park and parking is free at the casino..how nice :D
The Holiday Buffet runs from noon til 8pm and it cost $21.95 per head (includes sodas, coffee, tea or water). Oh before I forget, since it's in a casino, there is a no children policy. All diners have to be 21 and above. On regular days, the lunch buffet cost $13.95 and dinner is $24.95. There is also a All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Extravaganza Buffet on Fridays ($26.95) and a Champagne Brunch ($19.95) on Sundays.
True to it's name, the Grand View Buffet has an excellent view of the Ohio River, The Point, the bridges as well as part of the Pittsburgh skyline. There are glass windows, ceiling to floor and you can even dine on the outdoor terrace during the warmer months. It was such a treat to see the sun go down and the city lights slowly lighting up. We could even see the huge Christmas tree at The Point! Very very nice.
The buffet was a pretty large spread. As you can see from the photo, the salad bar was huge! There were all kinds of dressings and toppings...mmm mmmm good! We also had a choice of a few different kinds of soups.
The rest of the buffet was split up into various cuisines. There is the Italian -where you can try out many different types of pasta and pizzas, the Asian - a selection of dim sum, sushis, makis and quite a number of different Chinese dishes, the Bar-B-Que - there were all kinds of roasted meats and a carving station and the American - some good ol American comfort food like mashed sweet potato, green bean casseroles, creamed spinach, basically all the popular traditional American Christmas food :D There is also a huge Dessert bar with all kinds of Christmas goodies.

Oh, there is also a Mongolian section. You just pick the type of noodles and vegetables that you want, choose the sauce that you like and the type of meat ( you get to choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and/or scallops). I chose yellow noodles, some mushrooms, a few different kinds of vegetables, teriyaki sauce with scallops and shrimps. Then the guy will fry it up for you on the traditional Mongolian hot plate. Pretty cool eh? The guy was so liberal on the scallops, I swear, he dumped in more than 30 pieces of bay scallops! Don't get me wrong, I love scallops...but this is wayyyyyyyy too much :P
Here is a picture of our appetizers. Well, appetizers for me and my MIL. Kevin didn't waste any time with appetizers, he just dove into the main course! :P

After filling up on the buffet, we just walked around (to digest all those food) and took photos of the nice decorations. We could also enjoy the amazing view from various parts of the casino. We then headed down to the the casino floor to check it out. It's not really that interesting, since there were only machine games (PA doesn't allow table games). After losing 10 buckaroos on the slots, we decided to call it a night and headed home. We had a great Christmas dinner and my mother in law even said " Hmmm, maybe this can be a new Christmas tradition..." :D

Grand View Buffet @ The Rivers Casino
777 Casino Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Tel: (412) 231 7777
Web: http://www.theriverscasino.com/dining/grand-view-buffet


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