Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The NJ Devils Game @ Prudential Center

This is a very backdated post. Remember me blogging a while back about Kevin's boss giving him a pair of club seats tickets to the NJ Devils home game? We were so excited about it. It will be my first NHL game live and we get to watch it from one of the best seats in the house!
Anyways, the day came (28th Dec...Yes, I know. Told ya it's a backdated post :P) and we arrived about an hour before the game started. Thank God we had prepaid parking. It was such a cold night, it would have been sheer madness to walk all the way from the other parking garages. Our prepaid parking spot was just across the street from Prudential Center :D
Since Prudential Center is a relatively new arena, the concourse area was nice and modern looking. There were all kinds of stalls, from those selling team merchandise to pop corn and cotton candy! You definitely can feel the buzz of excitement, just by walking around the concourse area.
The first thing we did was to go check out our seats. My my my...check out our seats!! Section 7, Row 7! We were sooo close to the ice. How cool is that?
After that, we headed up to the Ice Lounge for some dinner. Club Seat tickets holder could help themselves to free food and drinks 90 minutes before the game, during the game and also after the game. There was quite a large spread of food available. You could help yourselves to the carving station, a hot buffet, the pasta station and a dessert section before the game. The carving station, hot buffet and pasta station stops serving food after the first period.
You can also help yourself to all kinds of concession stand food like pretzels, pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders & fries throughout the game. There is quite a large selection of drinks too...all types of Pepsi products and the ever so yummy Boylan Birch Beer.

Of course if you are looking for some alcoholic beverages, there is a cash bar available too. It's nice to have a cash bar in the lounge, then you do not need to stand in line for the longest time with the other people, just to buy a mug of beer. Another good thing about getting club seat tickets is that there are private restrooms at the lounge. No mad crowds lining up to use the restrooms during intermission...woohoo!!

Checkout the layout of the Ice Lounge. There is a main section with bar stools, another section with booths and a chillout lounge section with funky furniture :P I guess you can choose whichever you are comfortable at...lots of space for everybody.

This is my personal favorite section. We can just stand there with our food and drinks, while watching the teams warm up. A nice full view of the entire rink!
Alrighty, 5 minutes before the game started, we loaded up with more free snacks (pretzels and chicken tenders) and went back to our seats. Note the size of the chairs...club seats are way wider and have more legroom than regular seats. Nice!
Woohoo!! Let the game begin! The energy throughout the game was out of this world! Watching a NHL game live is so awesome! What more being so close to the ice.

Of course there were fights. I think there were at least 4 big ones. Cool!We went to the sushi bar to get some makis during the first intermission. Yup, there is a sushi bar in the Ice Lounge too! Free unlimited sushi....drooool.

We didn't get up for the next intermission. We just sat there and watched the Zamboni machine do it's thing. Also, there were some games and entertainment throughout the intermission. We even spotted the N.J. Devil..Woohoo!

Ahhhh the final score. The Devils beat the Thrashers 3-2!! Yay! What an amazing night! My first NHL game, having the opportunity to watch it from great seats, unlimited food and drinks...boy, we are truly blessed! Now, anybody feel like giving us free Steelers tickets for next season? Anybody? :D


Simply June said...

i haven't even blog about my NHL game.. it will be even far back dated than urs! I think we went mid of dec! =) great seats too..we were center court, 6 row from the player's bench..ticket was free but no free parking or food though...

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yeah...I saw your pics on Facebook!! Super cool :D Are your tickets club seats too? I wonder why no free food and stuff? Did you all have access to the club seat lounges?

Simply June said...

i don't think it's club seats....kelvin won it at his company raffle and i think his company bought it from an agent... no freebies other than good seats! =)i think the face value of the tickets are just $100..but those hockey players are quite good looking

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yes they are! LOL!