Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Date With The Devils

Looks like Christmas came early for us this year. A couple of days ago, Kevin's boss asked him if he likes hockey and if he would like to go watch a NJ Devils home game? Of course Kevin said yes! We've been meaning to go catch one of the home games at the Prudential Center, but we never got around to it (since every time we checked, the cheap tickets would be sold out :P). Yes, I know...we are still Pittsburgh Penguin fans, but a chance to watch a live NHL game was an offer too good to give up!
So, Kevin's boss passed him this two tickets for the Devils vs Thrashers game (28th Dec). Woohoo! They are actually a Christmas gift from a tug boat company to Kevin's company. When we took a closer look at the tickets, boy, we were excited. Those were not regular seats but club seat tickets! Man, those tickets cost $250 a piece!! Club seats are situated right on center ice, basically the best seats in the house. Not only is there a good view, the seats are also wider and have way more legroom than regular seats. Also, we have access to the Fire and Ice Lounge before, during and after the game. There we can help ourselves to free food (carving stations, sushi, finger food...ect) and drinks throughout the game. Club seat ticket holders also have access to the Goal Bar, where Steve Cangialosi and Ken Daneyko do intermission and post-game analysis for Devils' telecasts. How cool is that?
Here is a seating chart of the Prudential Center and the location of our seats! Section 7, row 7, seats 17 & 18. That's right, way up front, on center ice! It's the first time I will be going for a live NHL game and we are blessed with such great seats. I would have been happy with nosebleed seats but this, this is so great!

Not only did we get free tickets, they even took care of the parking :D A Premium Pre-paid Parking Ticket came along with the tickets. We would have to park really far and walk in the cold or pay really exorbitant prices to even get a parking space near Prudential Center. Now, all we need to do is drive up to the parking lot which is just NEXT to Prudential Center and not have to worry about a single thing. Boy, this is so exciting. We can't wait for Monday. Will blog more about the game after that! :D

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