Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Pittsburgh

We took a long slow drive back to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve (it took us almost 9 hours, as opposed to the usual 6 and a half hours drive). I guess it was due to the many stops that we took for coffee and just to rest a little, since we left our apartment at around 3 in the morning! Anyways, we made it safely to Pittsburgh, had some time to rest up for a bit, then it was time to exchange presents!

Here are some pictures of Kevin's mom with the Christmas gift that we got her. Since she bought a new laptop not to long ago, we figured that it would be more comfortable to have a little laptop table to use, instead of resting it on her lap. From the looks of the photos, I guess she likes it! :P

Kevin with some of his gifts! A knots book that he has been wanting for quite some time (according to him, it's like the bible of knots! :P) and some Pittsburgh Steelers plates from his mom (there are more gifts from his mom but we were too busy opening up presents that we forgot to take)!
I got a very nice high heel ring holder from Kevin's mom (and a bunch of other stuff) and a Sunglasses Hut gift card (since I need new sunnies) from Kevin. Thanks!! :D

Of course we didn't leave Abby out! She looks so happy and excited when she got her new Gingerbread Man squeaky toy!

We woke up early next morning to find some snow (from the past snow storm) still on the ground but it was raining icy rain! I guess you can call it a 'Semi White Christmas" :P Here are some pictures of the front yard, side yard and back yard. The icy rain turned to regular rain by noon and most of the snow melted by the end of the day. Oh well, it was still nice to wake up on Christmas morning with SOME snow on the ground! We didn't have Christmas dinner at home again this year. Since Kevin's sister was spending Christmas with her husbands family, we took Kevin's mom out to Grand View Buffet at the Rivers Casino for their Holiday Buffet. I will blog more about that later on. Overall, it was a nice Christmas. We had a great time just relaxing, playing Wii and spending time with the family. :D

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