Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looks like we are all set for Christmas...

Ahhh it's Christmas eve at last. This year has been a good year for us (in terms of Christmas preparation). We started our prep really early this year. In fact, we bought the first Christmas present one day after Thanksgiving! Therefore, the past few weeks has been pretty relaxing for us. No last minute rushing around the mall with all the other shoppers, nothing of that sort. Good thing we got it all done early. With the crazy winter storm last weekend and everything being snowed in, we would have been in big trouble :P
Here are all the presents that we bought. I still cannot believe that we managed to buy, wrap and place everything under the tree by the first week of December. If you know me well, you would know that this is really out of character :P I'm a "do everything a few days before Christmas" kinda girl. Hehehe. So yeah, presents....CHECK!
We also got a really nice wreath to hang outside our apartment door this year. We bought the wreath before Thanksgiving and hung it up the day after Thanksgiving. We were the first on our floor (yeah, so kiasu) to hang Christmas decorations out this year. I guess if we don't do it early, we will never get around to doing it. Yes yes, I know...we are two lazy people :P Hang up the wreath...CHECK!

We wanted to pull out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving too but we were really just too lazy. We managed to put it up by the first weekend in Dec. Well actually, it was more of Kevin setting up the tree and me watching Cake Boss (check out the tv behind him...evidence!) and taking tons of photos (excuse? it's for my blog lahhh). He then started to decorate the tree and I was commenting that it doesn't look that great :P Sooooo, he said that I should do it then! Man, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. Anyways, we both chipped in the decorating, he did the stringing of the lights and I hung everything up. Christmas tree...CHECK!

There you go...all tree all decorated and lit up. Also check out all the presents neatly placed under the tree. Well, the presents are not there anymore. Some have been given out to people at Kevin's office and the rest are packed in big plastic bags, all ready for the long trip to Pittsburgh. We will be leaving for Pittsburgh in about an hour or so, so wish us journey mercies and I'll try to update this blog as much as possible from there.

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