Monday, November 24, 2008

3. Andy's Sushi Bar

The Strip District in Pittsburgh offers many ethnic foods and groceries. I love how you can walk down the strip and enjoy the different sights and smells. Andy's Sushi Bar is not exactly a restaurant. It's just a small stall located inside Wholey's Fish Market.
Andy's Sushi Bar makes the best and freshest sushi and rolls in the whole of Pittsburgh. The seafood used is really fresh and good. Hey, it's located in a fish market, how much more fresher can the seafood get? The only place you probably can get seafood fresher than that is if you are on a fishing boat itself! He doesn't premake any of the sushi. Everything is freshly made upon order.
Andy is just a super funny guy. He would tell jokes to his customers and laugh at everything. He would talk about anything under the sun and would often hand out free samples (which he will make on the spot with whatever fresh fish he is cutting) while you wait for your order. Everybody loves Andy. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to brighten your day.

Yes, I know. This photo is a little bit outdated. It was taken about 5 years ago, when Kevin and I first started dating. I couldn't find any other photo of Andy's Sushi Bar except for this. The only downside about Andy's is that you might have to wait a while, especially during weekends to get your order. The line is really long (that goes to show how good his sushi is). Also, since it's not a restaurant, there are no tables and chairs for you to sit down to enjoy your sushi. You can either bring it upstairs to the Wholey's food court area or you have to take it home.

Andy's Sushi Bar is open from morning until 5pm everyday. If you are looking for some of the freshest sushi in Pittsburgh, you have to go to Andys. Not only will you get good tasting sushi, jokes and laughter is on the house. Now, that's what a call a good deal!

Andy's Sushi Bar (Inside Wholey's Fish Market)
1711 Penn Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tel: (412) 281-8272

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