Friday, January 30, 2009

Dim Sum Go Go

After wandering around Chinatown, watching the lion dances and confetti canons being shot everywhere, we decided to go get some lunch. I felt like having some dim sum but it was already 2pm. Dim sum in most big dim sum halls like Jing Fong and Golden Unicorn would have been sold out by now. We ended up in Dim Sum Go Go, located in the trendier part of Chinatown, near Chatham Square.

Dim Sum Go Go is a double story dim sum restaurant that serves dim sum all day (it's the only restaurant in Chinatown where you can get dim sum all day).They do not have push carts like the more traditional restaurants but we get to pick the dim sum from a piece of paper and the dim sum would be made fresh. I find that this is a better option if we are not looking for that 'typical' dim sum hall experience and we know what we want to order. The dim sum here are always freshly made and we know that its not being pushed around in those carts for goodness knows how long. Dim Sum Go Go is also way cleaner than most of the other bigger dim sum restaurants.

The waiters were really friendly, and we were seated almost immediately. This is another thing I like about Dim Sum Go Go is, you get your own table no matter how small the party is. Those other big restaurants sometimes put you in communal tables if your party is too small. The menu pretty much has all the basic dim sum items and also a big vegetarian section. They also have a regular menu where you can order noodles, rice & dishes as well as the usual roast pork, roast duck, ect.

This is some of the food we ordered. There were more but I was too busy eating, so I stopped taking photos after a while but the food just kept on coming. I love the deep fried shrimp and mango roll ($3.50) and chicken feet with black bean sauce ($3.00). The char siew pau ($3.50) and char siew sou ($3.50) is good too. Most of the dim sum cost around $3.00-$7.00 for lunch and $4.00-$7.95 for dinner. It's a little bit more expensive compared to the other dim sum halls, but the food quality is better, it's way cleaner and you don't have to fight with crowds of people.

We were so stuffed that we only managed to share one dessert. We ordered the fresh mango pudding ($3.50) and it's really good. Big chunks of fresh mango in every bite! Our total bill came up to about $27.00. It's pretty reasonable for freshly made to order dim sum. Dim Sum Go Go is open from 10am-11pm everyday and accepts all major credit cards. You should check it out the next time you are in Chinatown!

Dim Sum Go Go
5 East Broadway,
New York, NY 10038
Tel: (212) 732-0797
Fax: (212) 964-3149

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