Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Taco Night!

It's official...starting this week, I have declared that we will have a "theme dinner" once a week at home! What is considered a theme dinner? Well, first we decide on a theme (doh!) and we try to follow the theme as close as possible. From the food, drinks...everything! To get things rolling, we had " Taco Night" tonight! We bought this dinner kit a few days ago and it's just great. Everything you need in a box. All you need to do is buy the meat and toppings.

Some soft and hard taco shells. I used to like soft tacos more than hard ones, but (due to a recent order mix up at Taco Bell) I think I have grown to prefer hard tacos more.

A photo of the taco meat filling with the toppings. All I needed to do was buy 1 lbs of beef, brown it, drain and add in some water and seasoning that came in the kit. The sauce that came in the kit was great, very mild and nice. I guess it was too mild for Kevin, he ate his tacos with Taco Bell's fire sauce! I also chopped up some iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and got some shredded Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese, seasoned with taco mix.

Here is a close up of the hard taco. Yummmmy? :D

One serving of hard and soft tacos! The kit makes twelve tacos in total, six hard and six soft tacos.

Since it's Taco Night, we also had some frozen margaritas! Everything must be according to the theme, right? Even down to the drinks!! :D

I loveeee this 'once a week theme nights' idea, I am surely looking forward to next week! I wonder what theme will be next? :D

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