Friday, January 9, 2009

Poor Kevin Is Sick

Kevin complained that his throat was feeling scratchy and that his nose was kind of blocked up last night. He also had some phlegm and had to clear his throat constantly. I made him some Chrysanthemum tea and also told him to take some to work the next day. Chrysanthemum is supposed to have a 'cooling' effect on your body and it's good for people with fever or sore throat. He also took some Halls and NyQuil before going to bed.

He woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling under the weather but he went to work anyways. I decided to make some Chicken Noodle soup for dinner, just throw everything in the slow cooker and it should be done by the time he comes home in the evening. All the vegetables and chicken will be nice and soft, so it doesn't hurt when he swallows.

We went out to get some more medicine after dinner. The poor guy's throat was hurting pretty bad, so we stopped by McDonalds to get him some ice cream!! He said it helped a little bit..hahaha!

After taking some of the medicine that we bought earlier, he said he felt slightly better. It will be really cold tonight because there will be a snow storm rolling in tomorrow. It always gets really really cold before it snows, I don't know why. He is now all bundled up and asleep. I hope he gets better tomorrow. Poor guy :(

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