Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our CNY Eve

We wanted to have some yee sang for our Chinese New Year eve dinner, so we started to look around to see where we can buy it ready made. Since the yee sang is predominantly a Malaysian and Singaporean thing, it's pretty hard to find. The other option was to make it ourselves, but that would be really troublesome, especially since we are only making it for two people. At last, we found a few restaurants here in the NY/NJ region that sells yee sang during this Chinese New Year season.

Singapore Cafe in Chinatown sells them as well as Penang Restaurant in Edison, NJ. We decided to head to Penang, since we were planning to go to the asian grocery store next to it anyway. Penang Restaurant was a mad house!! It was so packed with people, you would think that they were giving out free food. I overheard a lady complaining that they were waiting for a table for almost an hour! Thank goodness we were not planning to eat there but just to pick up the yee sang and eat it at home. While we were there, we also bought some CNY cookies from Penang.

The yee sang was very fresh and tasted great. Just like the ones we have in Malaysia. It's pretty affordable too. We ordered the extra small portion (which was meant to be for 2 people) and it cost $10.90. The portion was really huge though, I'm pretty sure it would have been enough for even 4-5 people.

The yee sang came with fresh salmon and jellyfish. Really yummy!

Here is Kevin getting ready to 'loh sang'! Of course he must wear his red chinese shirt to get into the CNY mood..hahaha!

I made chicken rice and we ate that with crispy siew yok (roast pork), smoked chicken and hainanese chicken. Not the typical CNY dinner but hey, at least we had the mandatory Fanta Orange to go with dinner ;P

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