Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at the Goddards


As many of you know, we were back in Pittsburgh for Christmas. We went to a Japanese Buffet for Christmas dinner (since it's just the three of us) because Kevin's sister was spending Christmas with her husband's side of the family this year. However, they invited us over for dinner on Saturday night, one day before we left for home. That was our family Christmas dinner, a little bit late, but hey, it's still Christmas!
Ron (Kevin's brother in law) made some really nice ham and potatoes for dinner. I'll have to remember to get the potatoes recipe from him! :D

Here is Kevin with his nephew/god son Nick and niece Kristen. The kids had to eat outside because there is no space in the kitchen for them...hehehe.

Kristen is still very much in the Christmassy mood. Isn't she cute? After dinner, we proceeded down to the basement to open presents! Here are some photos.

Kristen opening up her presents from grandma. She received a sackful of presents! Three generations in one photo. Cool, ya?

Kevin with the lamp that Kim and Ron got us for Christmas.

Nick opening the present that we got him. A freshwater fishing rod. He looks happy, I hope it he likes it :P

We got Ron & Kim an Ice Shot Glass Maker. It makes 12 ice shot glasses at one time. They recently renovated their basement and had a bar installed. We figured that might like their gift :D

Kristen got us the best presents of the night. Every year, her school would open up a little shop and sell gifts for Christmas. Kristen would go to the shop and buy us gifts with her own money. They are usually little gifts that children might like. What makes it so special is that she choose that particular gift out of so many others, just for us. She could have used her money to buy candy for herself or something else but she chose to buy us a gift for Christmas. She is such a sweet little girl :D

This year, Kevin got a Steelers helmet that you can stick up on the car window.

I got a mug that comes along with a cute penguin with a long red scarf. Thank you Kristen!!

We had a great time hanging out with the family. Too bad we had to leave early though. We had to go to Kevin's Uncle Bob's house (which was about 45 minutes away from Ron and Kims) to drop of some gifts for his boys. Overall, we had a great Christmas in Pittsburgh, just spending time with friends and family. Oh I wish it's Christmas everyday! :D

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