Sunday, January 11, 2009

Double Delight!

Today is "Sports Super Sunday" here at the Podany household :D The weather was still bad out, so we stayed in to lounge in front of the TV all day! We ordered in some Chinese food and soda, and we were all set for our sports marathon.

Two of my favorite teams had big matches today. The day started with a soccer match from the English Premier League. Man Utd was playing Chelsea at home in Old Trafford! What a big game. I have been waiting all week for this match. Since I moved to America, I don't really have a chance to watch many Man Utd matches, so it was really good. What made it better? The Red Devils trashed Chelsea 3-0!!! What a match! What a day so far!! Glory Glory Man Utd!!

That was followed by the Eagles visiting the Giants at Meadowlands for the NFC playoffs. I don't really care who wins, we were just watching that while waiting for the Steelers game. The Philadelphia Eagles won, which was pretty cool. I'm hoping for an all Pennsylvania Superbowl now! :D

At last, the time has arrived. We were all excited and decked in our Steelers jerseys. The Terrible Towel was flying high and proud. I can just imagine how charged up Heinz Field was on game day!

The temperature was reported to be around 12F! was freezing cold but nothing can stop the Steelers, not when you have all those Steeler fans backing you up. So what if there is some snow? The Steelers play well in any weather. They are not like the wussy West Coast Chargers who are not used to the cold!

The game started and what a great game it was! We were so pumped up and shouting like there was no tomorrow. Final score? 35-24! The Steeler's whooped the Chargers big time!!! No West Coast boys can bring the Steel Curtain down. I am not talking smack, this is the real deal. The Steelers played well and hard today. Go home San Diego Chargers!

Now, we shall wait for the Baltimore Raven's to come to Heinz Field next week for the AFC Championship! We are waiting...

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