Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunbeam MixMaster

I have always wanted to try my hand at baking but never really got around to it. Yes of course I have made some instant muffin and cookies here and there, but nothing from scratch. One of my 'excuses' is that I do not have a mixer. It's so tiring to mix the dough/batter manually by hand and somehow, it doesn't always come out right. I have been looking at hand mixers but nothing really caught my fancy.
We went to Kmart on Sunday to look for Brita filters and I made a little detour to go look at hand mixers at the small appliances department. I was looking at a 5 speed, 100watts hand mixer and Kevin commented that it looked like it might be a little under powered. He showed me this Sunbeam MixMaster and asked what I thought about this hand mixer.

220 watts, 6 speed controls with a 'burst of power' button....very nice. The design of the hand mixer is also more 'modern' compared to the rest. I pointed out that it's a little bit more expensive than the other ones that I was looking at but he said it's alright, it's better to pay a little bit more for something good than to buy something crappy and watch it break down after using it for a couple of times. He said as long as I use it and make him home made cookies at least once a week, we can buy it!

YAY!! So this is my new hand mixer! Of course I will use it...promise! Thank you thank you! You are the best husband in the whole wide world!! :D

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