Monday, June 29, 2009

Clam & Scallop Linguine

I bought some really fresh bay scallops a while ago and wanted to make some clam and scallop pasta. I was however too lazy to make the white clam sauce from scratch so I bought a can of Progresso's White Clam Sauce with Garlic and Herb. It's really good, one of the best white clam sauces around.
Since we are not making the sauce from scratch, this is really simple to make. First, you would need to cook the pasta. I cooked some whole wheat linguine until al dente, drained it and set it aside.

Then, in a large pan, melt some butter.

Next, throw in the bay scallops.

Season them with some freshly cracked black pepper and garlic salt.

I then added in some fresh parsley from my herb garden followed by a few splashes of white wine.

Pour in the can of white clam sauce, let it go to a boil. Once it's boiling, set the heat to medium to allow it to reduce a little.

Once that's done, toss in the pasta and mix it all together.

There you go. It's done! So simple and quick, it doesn't take much time to prep or cook at all. Just perfect when you need to prepare a quick dinner or when you are too lazy to make anything elaborate. Try it! :D

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Anonymous said...

you can also add shrimp and its wonderful and freshly grated parm. on top..delicious!