Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grilled Ham & Cheese Wrap

Since I'm the only person eating lunch at home, I would not usually make anything elaborate. My lunch would either be leftovers from yesterdays dinner or something simple and easy to make, like a sandwich, instant noodles or a wrap. Today, I made one of my all time favorites, Grilled Ham & Cheese Wrap. Let me share this simple recipe with you.

First, spread some Miracle Whip on a tortilla. Today, I used a regular tortilla but sometimes I would change it up by using Wheat, Spinach or other types of tortilla.

Then, place a few slices of cheese on top of the Miracle Whip. I used Provolone but you can basically use any type of cheese that melts well (Swiss, Mozzarella...ect).

Next, place a few slices of deli meat on the cheese. I used Virginia Ham but again, it's totally up to you. You can use roast beef, corned beef, turkey, roast chicken, pepperoni...it's entirely up to you.

Place a couple more slices of cheese on top of the deli meat.

Now it's time to roll up the tortilla. All you need to do is roll it up half way, tuck in the side and continue rolling. Then, place it on a George Foreman grill that has already been heated.

Allow it to grill for a couple of minutes (until you can see the grill lines).

Once it's nice and grilled, remove it from the grill and cut it into half.

There you go! A yummy lunch all ready in less than 15 minutes! You can serve it up with some chips, a side salad or even a fruit salad. Today, I had my Grilled Ham & Cheese Wrap with a large handful of Lays Original Potato Chips and a tall glass of Coke. Mmmm mmmm mmmm =)

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