Monday, August 17, 2009

The Shiki Wok - Bloomfield, NJ

We were too lazy to go out for dinner today(yup, again! :P), so we decided to order in. We couldn't really decide on what to order - BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Colombian, Pizza, Wings..ect. Since we just ordered in some Wings, Lamb Gyros and Quesadillas on Friday, we figured we would get something Asian today.

I felt like having some sushi, so we decided to order dinner from Shiki Wok. Shiki Wok is a Japanese & Chinese restaurant. They have the usual American Chinese food, some Malaysian curries (I think it's owned by Malaysians) and quite a large selection of Japanese food. The best thing about ordering from Shiki Wok is that you can order online from their web page and even pay using your credit card (so you do not need to fumble thru your wallet to get cash when the delivery guy comes around).

We placed our order online and within minutes, we got the confirmation email that our order is being processed. It took them about 40 minutes to get the order delivered to our door. Not too bad that all!

This is what we ordered. Two bento box sets and two different types of sushi rolls. Each bento box set comes with a serving of miso soup.

Kevin ordered the Tempura Shrimp bento box ($8.50). It came with two tempura shrimp, one California roll, one side Japanese salad and a serving of miso soup. Kevin said that the tempura tasted good but he doesn't really like the side salad. I personally found the salad to be pretty good. I think Kevin is not used to the ginger root taste of the salad dressing. Our only complain is that there were only 2 pieces of shrimp (that's pretty steep for $8.50) and it was a little bit soggy by the time it arrived. Maybe they shouldn't pour the sauce into the shrimp.

I ordered the Salmon Teriyaki bento box ($8.10). I must say that it was pretty good. Again, the serving was really small. Just 4 tiny thin pieces of salmon. I feel that it's not really worth the price that we paid for. However, I did enjoy the California roll though, its quite nice.

We also ordered one Eel Roll ($4.50), which has Eel, Avocado and Cucumber rolled up with some sesame seeds out the outside and one Philadelphia Roll ($5.00) - Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado. They were pretty good, not the best that I have ever had, but decent. Overall, I feel that the food from Shiki Wok is not too bad. We had a good dinner, even though the portions were kind of small and the prices were pretty steep (considering the size of the portions). I guess it's alright if we were to order from them once in a while as a treat, definitely not too often though($$$)!

The Shiki Wok Chinese & Sushi Restaurant
1039 Broad Street,
Bloomfield, NJ07003
Tel: (973)771-1350
Fax: (973)771-1351

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sarah said...

Ugghhh shiki wok is disgusting! if you want good sushi order from nori in montclair... to-die-for! very expensive but totally worth it for a special treat! try the donkey kong roll! banana sushi? yes!