Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get a Better Bank with BankFox!

When Kevin and I first got married, we decided that we should combine our bank accounts and open up a joint savings and checking accounts. However, we were not sure which bank was a good fit for us and our needs. Being in a new city and neighborhood (we moved to Jersey from Pittsburgh) didn't really help either. We did not know where the local bank branches were or how close they were to our new apartment. We had to spend a lot of time doing research, both online as well as offline. We also talked to many people to find out which is a good bank for us. After all that, we still couldn't really get all the information that we needed. In the end, we just settled with a bank that looked the best to us. If only we knew about BankFox then.

BankFox is new website that helps people compare bank products like Checking Account, Savings Account and CDs. Yes, you must be thinking that this is nothing new. Well, there are many sites for comparing bank products but most of them are focused on rates. Bankfox not only compares rates, but they believe that there’s a lot more you need to know when you choose a bank – like information on fees, online tools, bank health, branch location, customer service, special requirements, and more. By publishing all of this additional data, they strive to be the most comprehensive website for choosing bank products.

Their website is also very user friendly and is also clutter free. In short, they only have information that you need and not all kinds of info that makes the website look messy. On the homepage, you can choose to compare Savings Accounts, Checking Accounts or CDs. Just click on the link and you will be able to get all the info your need, at your fingertips. I tried clicking on "Savings Account" to see if we are currently getting a good rate. On the left sidebar, I was able to filter the results that I want. By location of the bank, bank size, account type, min balance, features, ways to apply as well as the banks health. Immediately, I could see where my current bank stands, compared to all the other banks. It wasn't really that bad, but there were others banks that seemed to offer better things. Maybe it's time we sit down and re-evaluate, to see if it's worth the move to another bank. Maybe we might still stay on with our current bank, but thanks to BankFox, at least we know our options. You can too. Go check out BankFox today!!


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