Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Dinner from Schwans!

For those of you who are following me on Twitter, remember my tweet last week about Schwans giving out a free meal to the first 500,000 new customers to sign up? Starting Aug 1, all you need to do is head over to their website and key in your zip code. If you live within their delivery area, you can qualify for a free meal.

Just pick any item that is worth $10 or less from their online store and place it in the shopping cart. You just have to register when you check out and it will automatically show that the meal is free.

We chose the Fiesta Lime Chicken Meal for 2 worth $9.99. Grilled white meat chicken with lime sauce, seasoned rice, cheese, topped off with tortilla strips. Sounds good! It was also one of their new items in the store and it had a 5 star rating. So, we had to try that. I checked our order on Tuesday and saw that their Customer Service Manager will be coming around to deliver the food later on that day. I called the helpline to ask if they knew what time I should expect him and the lady on the end was very polite and helpful. She said she will leave a message with the driver to call me back and tell me when he will be coming around. Within a few minutes, Greg (the customer service manager) called and said that he will be here between 11am to 1pm. He called me again at around 12:15 to tell me that he is parking his truck and will be on his way up to our apartment. I must say that I am really impressed with the level of their customer service.

Greg delivered our box of Fiesta Lime Chicken Meal and a catalog for us to look through. The box was nice and cold, since it just came out from a refrigerated truck. That's another good thing about getting it delivered to our home. There is no time for it to thaw, it goes straight from the refrigerated truck to our freezer!

Here's what you get inside the box. A big tray of the Fiesta Lime Chicken and a pack of crispy tortilla strips.

We decided to have that for dinner that night itself (too excited, just like lil kids on Christmas morn..hahaha). Just pop the tray of food into the microwave for 12 minutes and it's done. All gooey and cheesy..iLike! :P

It's just the right portion for two people. Scoop it up onto a plate and sprinkle on the tortilla strips...mmm mmm mmmm. I must say that it tasted really good, with generous big chunks of grilled chicken. With the great customer service and good food, something tells me that we will be ordering more food from Schwans in the near future. We even signed Kevin's mom up for some free turkey pot pies and another one of Kevin's friend for some free angus mini burgers! The last I checked, Schwans is still giving out those free meals. I think the promotion will go on until the end of September or while stocks last. You should so totally check it out.

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