Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The "Pearls" of Switzerland

I think it's no secret that Kevin and I both enjoy travelling. We have pretty much travelled all over Asia as well as visited many places all over America. Yes, Kevin has been to quite a lot of places in Europe during his sailing days but I've only been to Amsterdam. Therefore, we would most likely visit Europe for our next 'big' vacation. Switzerland is one of our 'must visit' countries if we ever visit Europe. Why Switzerland? Well, apart from it being synonymous with the Alps, Switzerland is home to dramatic landscapes, quaint country settings as well as historic castles and villages. With cultural influences, including French, German and Italian, it is filled with heritage and culture abound.

Switzerland has a lot of 'pearls' that are left to be discovered by every traveler. Pearls or experiences that are unique and found only in Switzerland. Here are my top 5 favorite picks.

1) A hotel (hi)story for gourmets - A culinary journey back in time at Switzerland’s largest hotel museum, the seven-room show culminates in the most magnificent spread. Narrated in seven courses with seven different wines, the 132-year-old history of the Hotel Waldhaus in Flims stimulates both mind and palate.

2) Riding and dining through Lucerne - An extravagant tour in a horse-drawn coach has everything the gourmet could wish for, whether it’s a classic fondue, a zesty Raclette or meat barbecued to a crisp at your seat. The exceptionally romantic route taken through this legendary city of lights, it's a two hour tour of Lucerne, at its finest.

3) A day in the vineyards - Spend a day helping with the vendemmia – the grape harvest – which naturally includes partaking in the conviviality of a communal lunch. Vintners in the Mendrisiotto and the Basso Ceresio are only too happy to share this experience with interested guests.

4) My first 4000-m-high peak - Climbing a 4000-m-high peak is an experience many an amateur mountaineer dreams of. Your mountain guide will tell you what to expect the evening before. Then, after a good night’s rest, you will set off early in the morning, climbing from 3454 m to 4027 m in just two to three hours. The ascent of the Allalinhorn is not too long and those who make the effort are rewarded with fantastic panoramic views.

5) Ghost walk through Zurich - Those who love horror movies can get to know the creepier side of Zurich by going on a ghost walk with Dan Dent. Blood-curdling stories of the city’s violent past and tales of the many spooks and poltergeists that still haunt some of the gloomier streets are sure to generate a pleasantly titillating sense of horror, despite the seemingly picturesque backdrop.

Sounds interesting and fun? This are only a handful of the many things you can experience in Switzerland! Do you want to know more? Discover Swiss "Pearls" at their website today!!


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