Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our luggage for the Ranch!

The UPS delivery guy came around with a hugggeee box around dinnertime last night. It was pretty heavy too when I tried to carry it in. I wasn't quite sure what was inside the box (cos I wasn't expecting anything being sent from anybody).

After ripping open the box, this is what I found inside.

Two big red and black roller luggage bags and a letter from the Marlboro Ranch Travel Headquarters! Looks like this is the first of many freebies that we will be getting from Marlboro throughout the trip to Crazy Mountain Ranch.

In the letter, it says that we will be getting our travel packet next (probably sometime early next week). That's when we will get our airline tickets, travel instructions, personalized luggage tags, confirmation of our daily activities, packing tips and a cash award check for $1,250.

Here is a photo of the luggage. It's really huge with lots of pockets and compartments. I measured the length of it, about 32 inches! That's pretty big! :P I guess it makes things easier for the Ranch staff if all the Ranchers were using the same type of luggage. It seems that we do not have to worry about our luggage upon arrival at Bozeman, Montana. We only need to check them in at La Guardia and the next time we will see them is in our rooms at the Ranch! That's what I call good service :P

Here is another photo of the luggage, from another angle. It has four wheels and a really sturdy handle. Also check out the reflective strips....hahaha! I guess we don't want any cowboys on horse backs runnign over our luggage, do we? :P Anyways, thanks Marlboro for the luggage. Another 11 more days...ooohhhh, I can't wait!

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Dawn said...

The are good bags and they can really be stuffed! I'm so excited for you guys! Did you receive the black caps with the luggage?

Charlene n Kevin said...

The black caps came with the airplane tickets and travel docs...8 more days til we leave for the Ranch!! :D

camla said...

does anyone know where i can find photos of the midnight sun cabin?

Mandy Richardson said...

Can we take our own carry ons?

Charlene n Kevin said...

There might not be enough room for you to take home all of the gifts that you will be getting if you just bring along a carry on.